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I love men! There, I said it. Yes, I shamelessly admit it. I am a red, hot-blooded female who can’t get enough of the smell of aftershave, or the mere glimpse of a muscular forearm that very simply sends me into giddy delusions of Hercules picking me up like I weigh no more than a feather and saving me from the mean beasty! Sigh… Ok, I’m back in the real world.

Most, to me, are intriguing. But nothing turns me on more than a bigger man. Maybe it’s because being a woman of non-average proportions, I find bigger men of the teddy bear variety suit me a whole lot better compared to the skinny or average-sized guy who looks like he’d break were I to throw my arms around him!

Every one of us has a type – whether it’s physical, mental or emotional – that appeals to our senses. I just happen to like the big guy. He might be at least 5ft 10’, broad around the shoulders and have sort of muscular arms and legs. I don’t mind flab around the stomach but not if he looks like he’s carrying around triplets! I love a man who looks strong, and you can see that strength in the way he carries himself, his posture, and the way he walks.

Like the guy who sat in front of me in the bus this evening on my way to work. I noticed his gleaming bald head the second he stepped inside the bus and paid for his ticket. I managed to get an eyeful of his almost bulging biceps and towering height before he headed inside to find a seat. Although I was playing it cool, I prayed under my breath that he’d seat himself somewhere close to me and thank goodness, he picked the seat in front of me, near the window, but not before checking me out (or so I’d like to think!).

So there I was, checking out the back of his shiny bald head, and shamelessly sniffing out his aftershave (which was absolutely delicious, by the way). The boy looked so good, that I had to control myself from laying my paws on him!! I even ran it in my head, how I could make physical contact with him. I almost went through with it too. The plan was to ring the bell (located just inches above his head, near the window) when my stop was next, and in doing so, “carelessly” brush my fingers over his head as I retreated. Then, I’d feign an apology for being a klutz while I gently caress the “bruised” part of his head. Alas, I couldn’t go through with it as some impatient passenger had beaten me to the bell!

I even wrote him a short and flirty note, just to make his day (but without my number, I swear!), and planned to hand it to him on the pretext that it was a note that fell from his pants pocket (yeah right) before getting off the bus. But then I got too chickened to go ahead with that “genius” plan. Ah well, I’m not the girl I once was.

I love the size of a big man’s hands – how much bigger they look compared to mine; the cleanliness of his nails – that they’re short and neat, none of that freakishly long nail kept on the pinky finger, eeww!! I love the visible way his veins run from his hands up to his forearms. Can anything compare to the sculpted shoulders and upper arms about ready to burst out of a work shirt? I should think not!

What I also love about a big man is he normally has a behind, not the plank-flat fanny that we so often see smaller men wearing, shameless walking around with a pair of jeans they can hardly fill in the back pockets!!

Simply put, a big man just looks better! He gives you a sense of security, protection and safety. He looks sturdier and stronger, and you know you won’t risk breaking a bone should you sucker punch him! And if he’s bald, throw him my way!!

That’s my ode to the big man. I love every inch of him!! ;)

bodtkd says:
you make me smile
Posted on: Aug 29, 2008
Jopin says:
LOL! THanks for your comments! I'm just being honest with my feelings, I guess. Some people who read this may think I'm either brave or cheeky to lay it out there, but what the heck! I was never one to hide my feelings!! :P
Posted on: Aug 29, 2008
milltownmeadow says:
Oh Joanna you are so funny I love your stories I cant wait to sit with you again at the end of the year:))
Posted on: Aug 29, 2008
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