What is a friend, really?

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How is it possible that someone who declares herself a friend is either unavailable or not supportive, like she should be?

I've called people I've met and kept in touch with barely a week - friends! But this was when I was in my youth. Today, a friend is someone that you have something in common with, whom you can hang out with to have fun and a lot of laughs. Then there is the friend that you can count on when you need someone to listen and not judge, or someone whose opinion you appreciate when you tell them your problems or dilemmas. A true friend is someone who can tell you the truth even if it hurts. Sure, you may hate her at first, but when you come out of the tears and sadness, you'd know she was right when she tells you to stop throwing a pity party and get over it already. She's also the friend that can sit with you and let you cry your eyes out after! That's the friend that you want for life. Sure, she has her weaknesses, like you, but it is those weaknesses and the vulnerability that you have in common that brought you together in the first place.

That is why it pains me to hear someone call her/himself a friend, when she needs the shoulder to cry on, and will run to you, but when it's your turn to become a blob and throw a pity party, you'll have to look for her under every rock as you don't know where to find her!! Those are the types of friends I totally detest because they're really not friends.

There are friends on TB that I can get advice from, and those that I can kid around or joke with. To you, I say thank you! Most of us may not even meet in person, but knowing that you are there for me always makes me feel a whole lot better. I salute you all!


acowboy says:
True friendship is defined by the true test of time... sadly most people won't last... but the ones that do, through the good and bad... they deserve the right to be called friends.
Posted on: Jul 18, 2008
Jopin says:
Hey Carol! THanks for your lovely comment. I guess the community in PA is a little hesitant about welcoming you is ecause they're close and don't know anything about you! It's a matter of letting them get to know you, and hopefully, eventually you'll earn their trust. I'm sure it's hard, and it feels like school all over again, don't you think?? LOL!! Anyway, don't worry, you'll make a load of friends here... at least me, for one!! :D
Posted on: Jul 18, 2008
imcarol says:
Hi Jopin,
I agree with you whole heartedly! I moved to Pennsylvania about 10 years ago from Salt Lake City,Utah and I have yet to have even a GOOD friend here. The license plates in Pennsylvania say.. "You have a friend in Pennsylvania, but I'm still wanting to find one that I can count on! The friends I have in SLC, are priceless to me, but I haven't been back there in 10 years. I am a very friendly person and make"friends" easily, but for some reason it just seems like the area where I live is very close knit and I get treated like an outsider because no one knows my history. I'm not sure what it is. I just haven't connected with anyone yet.I'm optomistic though. I'll make a friend here yet!
Posted on: Jul 18, 2008
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