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It’s (still) a brand new year. A time when a new, infamous list of resolutions come out from under the pile of junk in your desk drawer or written in a  journal to new optimism.

The list may be a new one. For some, familiar items from last year (or the years before that) creep in to this year’s list yet again, with the hope that you’ll finally lose those ten pounds you swore you’d shed for the last five years. One colleague of mine said he had his last cigarette on December 31, 2008. All was well until a few hours ago, when I caught him with a ciggy in his hand and called him on it! He blamed his weakness on peer pressure. Yeah sure!

I’ve never liked making resolutions. I’ve only ever had one standing resolution, which was to go down a few dress sizes! Ever since I can remember, I’ve been making this resolution with each passing year, except for 2009. My resolution this year is No More Resolutions! I prefer to  use the word “goal” instead of “resolution”. And this year, I’ve decided not to set unrealistic goals for myself that I know would be near impossible to achieve.  

This year, I’m making it a point to take better care of my health. I’ll make better food choices (less fried chicken and rice) and work out more. There is no way that I will go on a diet. It’s the dirtiest four letter word that ever existed! How many people do you know who had gone on a diet and kept the weight off once they stopped?? I can’t think of one myself. I’ve come to be at peace with myself. Sure, I need to lose a few inches off my waistline so that I don’t keel over from a heart attack. But other than that, I’m more comfortable in my skin now than I was years ago.

I also plan to travel more. I’ve always loved travelling but hadn’t much courage to go it alone, until last year, when I flew to Bali all by my lonesome.  I can’t believe I didn’t try the travel solo thing earlier! The experience was one that I wouldn’t soon forget. This year, I have Angkor Wat and Bangkok on my travel itinerary and would love to cover all cities in South East Asia before 09 comes to a close.

All these plans and it’s almost February, with 11 months to go to accomplish all these plus complete my first year in law school and writing my first book of short stories… I better get a move on! ;)

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