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situated in the north-west of the Syrian Arab republic 60km from Aleppo , links the coastal areas with the hinterland,
its divided into five administrative areas of (Idleb, AL Ma'ara, Ariha, Jisr Ashughur, and Harem).

the area abounds in ruins of successive civilizations dating back to 3000 B.C. Eblan, Hittite, Aramean, Assyrian Greek, Roman, Byzantine, and different Islamic Periods. Trance of those civilizations can be seen scattered around the region in the 190 man - made hills, the most important being tell Mardikh(Ebla), in the 500 Dead Cities. many of which are well preserved to this day, like (AL-Bara, Serjilah, Areiha, ... , and more) and in a number of castles - Symbol of resistance against invaders.

Population: 1.000.000 and little more

Weather: moderate not exceeding 28c while winter is cold and rainy with temperatures down to 10c .

Agriculture: olives, wheat, cotton and fruit, in particular its cherries.

The important places to See :


The Dead Cities: cover all this area !

Jisr AL-Shoghour: situated 50km far from Idlib is located on one of the bends of the Orontes River. the interesting futures of the town are its 2 Bridges (Jisr) which date from Roman times and an Arab castle built in the Islamic style.

Harem: situated 65km far from Aleppo the site of an impregnable castle is a village of many trees and abundant water.

Ariha: situated 75km far from Aleppo is beautiful town built on a slope of Jebel Al-Arbaeen, famous for its cherries it is a summer resort for the inhabitants of the northern region of Syria.

Ma'aret AL-noman: is a town of considerable historical interest being the site of some Mosques and School AL Nourieh and castle with 2 TOMBS worth noting are those of the Caliph Omar Ibn Abdul Aziz and the great poet Abu AL-Alla.a AL-Ma'arri.

Mosques: The Great Mosque (Jameh AL Kabir) & Youshah Ibn Noon Mosque (Al madrassah Al Nourieh) .

Church Qalb Lozeh: of unique architectural interest is the church or Qalb Lozeh built in the 5th Century A.D. it is considered to be one of the finest examples of Syrian architecture of the Byzantine period.

Tell Mardikh (Ebla): situated south-east Idlib 28km the site of the ruined city Ebla which dates back to the 3rd B.C. and is considered to be the oldest civilization in Syria. in 1955 the discovery of a basalt altar now on show in the Aleppo museum revealed the importance of Ebla. subsequent archaeological expeditions uncovered a city surrounded by circular inner wall with 4th great gates and outer fortification containing towers. the main streets extended from the city walls to converge at the royal place of king Aghrish clay tablets found in the place have led archaeologists to conclude that Ebla was destroyed about 2250 B.C. Ebla real treasures lie in the Royal Archives where official documenters and correspondence written on nearly 16,000 clay tablets recorded an important period in the history of Syria.

BAB AL-Hawa: the main point of entry into Syrian for travelers coming from the north is situated near the site of the 2nd Century A.D. Roman Road , a section of it 1200 meters in length, is still intact.

AL-Bara: situated South Idlib 35km it a town of many ruined churches unique dwelling houses and pyramid shaped tombs.

Jebel Barisha: this mountain and the surrounding areas are sites of byzantine ruins of the 5th and 6th centuries, remarkable for their splendid stone building and beautiful design. castles , Villas, monasteries, hermitages, it would be difficult to mention every place of interest because there are so many scattered over a wide area, here are just a few that are representative of small part of the historical monuments. Sarmda, Deir Sonbol, Bkass Castle, Ain Al-Zarka Waterfalls, Cheikh Issa Baths, Tarmanene Monastery, Banate Castle, Al-Dana, Serjilah, Jebel Al Arbaeen.  

 the photo in my bolg first meeting syria ;)


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