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I would believe, that I have a beautiful home, nevertheless I am very gladly on journeys.
I am curious on impressions, experiences and future memories. A proverb means: “You travels not, in order to arrive, but in order to travel”. That´s what i mean. The distance and the kind of  travel play a subordinated role. For sure, I like the flair of an international airport with the option all goals are only one pigeon-flight distant and enjoy the board service in a big airplane. Just as gladly I admire the landscape out of a small car.

Already after the start into the vacation the everyday life routine passes away, with each kilometer rises my anticipation. After a few hours of the journey, ugly will become beautiful and the most everyday things are now interesting. My photographing passion drives blooms and all beautiful moments are held to be always. Which does not let itself photograph, i will write it down. My consciousness sorts itself again. Things, which were important at home, are now unimportant and I am open for new smells, noises and tastes.

Naturally such a new high feeling is subject also to fluctuations, at the latest, if the journey back home threatens. But coming home is also beautiful. And return should I always, otherwise I cannot travel again. Already after few days in the homeland the remote pain places itself. The only therapy treatment for me is: it´s time to plan the next journey.

Free like the german poet Wilhelm Busch:

"Therefore humans are timely point! High time it´s now!
Travel, travels."

free08 says:
Posted on: Jan 29, 2009
JPLfr13 says:
I'm travel addict!
Do your travels and your dreams do come true:)
Posted on: Sep 23, 2008
oldschoolbill says:
Very nice
A good traveler has no fixed plans, and is not intent on arriving. ~Lao Tzu
Posted on: Jun 30, 2008
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