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Ok we are finally here, and i like it already! This place is so chilled out. We arrived here yesterday after a 3 hour bus ride which is one of the shortest yet! When we arrived we had in mind a place to stay.... and it is really nice we are at a place called sol y mar, which is also a restaurant underneath the rooms! It is nice clean and the guy who owns it, is pretty chilled and laid back! Keep asking him shall we pay you yet and he is like nahh man dont worry bout it yet!! As soon as we arrived in our room we needed showers! so got our selves cleaned up and had a wonder round town! To be honest i thought it would be bigger than this, it is rather small, and made up of bars and restaurants. The beach is not really that big you have to enter the park to get to a nice part, as we learnt today. We went to a nice bar last night i think it was called co co bar! And already we have been offered drugs but we just put our heads down and walked on! We was even welcomed by a sloth on our first day! it was lovely. And i have some great pictures after performing for us, he decided to have a sleep and i checked today he is still there hanging asleep!

Thats not the only animals we seen, today in the park we were surrounded by a big group of monkeys, of course i was scarred as i thought they was going to attack us or something but they pretty much just looked at us, and climbed back into the trees, it brought back some bad thoughts of what it was like at Gibralter but everything was ok in the end! It was not as long as walk as i thought it would be after we had walked 4k we made it to a seccluded beach and it was amazing! The beach was so nice, but was a shame as the tide was already comming in, and the beach itself was very very narrow! But we got to swim in the sea which was soo clear, i did expect the water to be more warmer but it was still very nice! We had a sit down for two hours then headed back! This was a much quicker walk, but i did not enjoy having to cross the river as we were gettin swept everywhere but i was ok as i had myself a walking stick to help me over! The walk was very relaxing, i enjoyed it! And thats about all we have done so far! Im not to sure if we walk again tomorrow or if we will try to find another beach, i am keen on the idea of gettin a scooter, but dont want to kill myself on i know what would happen. They have a big sign saying you do not need a license! Well best go back outside im concentrating on catching a tan now.... fingers crossed..

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photo by: Stigen