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I can't pretend to be the biggest fan of Bangkok, but I find cities hard work at the best of times.
Leaving Mirror was sad: waving good bye to everyone and everything that I had come to regard as home made me want to stay. But the road beckoned and we swept down from the Mirror Foundation site towards Chiang Rai past the shops, shacks, children and homes that line the route. I tried to imprint them on my mind, acutely aware that it was possible I would never get a chance to return. A few hours later I flew to Bangkok on the most timely flight I have ever witnessed, landing in Bangkok at 11.10.
Katie and I made it quickly through the airport and were draw to a sign indicating a taxi service. For an inordinately large sum (950 Baht) we got into a posh taxi which then proceeded to take us to the wrong hotel, then get lost on the way to the correct one- Diamond City Hotel. We arrived at the hotel tired and collapsed into our ground floor room where the rest of the SKIP team came and found us. We chatted excitedly about the journey and tomorrows plans before everyone went to sleep.
Yesterday didn't exactly go to plan. We visited the weekend market using the sky train as transport fine. It was very hot but there was a lot of interesting merchandise to peruse: designer rip offs, shoes, silks, clothes, bags, knives, pretty much everything actually. At midday we grabbed ice creams for lunch and bartered a taxi to take all 7 of us to the Grand Palace. What happened next is in short, someone scammed us. We were told by a gentleman that the palace was closed but we could go see these three temples. Taking tuk-tuks, he said, the round trip should cost 40 Baht per tuk-tuk. We were taken to one temple, which was gorgeous and very quiet. I'm afraid I can't tell you the name. We were then taken to various shops by the drivers despite the fact we didn't want to go. In the end we lost our tempers and the drivers took us to the second temple, the Golden Mount and we bid them good-bye there. They stole one of the groups cameras at sometime during the journey which was a complete nuisance as she lost all the photos that were on it. However, the Golden Mount was beautiful (see review). We decided to head back to the hotel to freshen up after that.
In the evening, we met a friend and his family who kindly treated us to dinner at the China Palace. We had a wonderful time chatting and eating delicious food with delightful company. We left the restaurant late and headed to the hotel to sleep.
Today, I awoke feeling ill. I felt a bloated and queasy. I opened the window onto the balcony and quickly closed it again: the stench of Bangkok made me want to wretch as it assaulted my nostrils. I joined the others at the breakfast table but didn't really have an appetite. After breakfast, I vomited but then felt much better so we headed out, this time armed with another friend, Bank, who we had met at Mirror and who lives in Bangkok. This time we pile all 8 of us into 1 tuk-tuk. Whilst this was fun, it didn't help my stomach settle and I began to feel odd again. This time we made it to the Grand Palace. We were sent to the dressing room to put on appropriate clothes and I felt increasingly sick. Once i had donned a horrendous peach shirt and was queuing for a ticket, i knew I was going to be sick. I dashed to the nearest obvious receptical and promptly evacuated my stomach into a plant pot. As if that wasn't a great insult to the royal family!
The palace and the temple next to it, which holds the emerald Buddha, was incredibly ornate and indescribably beautiful. I wish I had been in better spirits to enjoy it. I threw up into a carrier bag several times on the way around and felt awful for ruining the experience for my friends. In the end, we left perhaps earlier than we would have done and my friends took me back to the hotel. I collapsed into bed and once they had made me comfortable, my friends left me to sleep. I was incredibly grateful to them for being so understanding and caring.
I couldn't sleep and spent most of the afternoon lying with my eyes close, hot in the head, cold in the body, dizzy and with a sore neck. My friends went off to have a foot massage but I was definitely too ill. This evening we are meeting Bank's parents for dinner and I hope I keep improving because its the last night in Thailand!
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photo by: Deats