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I've been back home for about 24 hours now, and I've got to keep busy to stop the blues from catching up with me.
Dinner with Bank's parents was wonderful, even if I arrived late (due to taxis and confusion). They took us to the Polo club and we had a great time chatting to them, Bank and his little brother Birdie. Mark, the last person from our group, had also made it to Bangkok and come to meet us. Despite not feeling 100% I still tucked into my meal which was comfortingly Western; after so much rice and many noodles I welcomed a change! Bank's parents were great fun and very interesting. I met a lot of interesting people this trip- from tribe leaders to farm workers, from crazy children to the upper classes of Bangkok. Its been wonderful.
After dinner and drinks, we piled all nine of us plus the driver into Bank's car and went back to the hotel. Katie, Jo and I collected our bags and the terrible good byes began. We'd been together for 3 weeks and despite being relative strangers we were now so so close. Hugs and jolly words all round and soon we were in a taxi doing three times the speed limit to the airport. I felt a bit rough again and crashed out on the floor after security whilst Jo and Katie went duty free shopping. Then we were boarding the plane and I took off from Thailand 3 and a half weeks after I arrived. Despite my worries I didn't have an stomach evacuations on take off.
I slept for the first flight despite breakfast being dumped in front of me at 2 am in the morning. I also slept for a lot of the transit but not before exiting and re-entering the terminal in order to get an emirates stamp for my passport. I stayed awake for the second flight, watching movies, listening to English music (no more Thai pop- woo!) and reading a little. The flight dragged because I knew my boyfriend was waiting at the other end.
After disembarking, despite dropping my passport, I made it through arrivals with everything in tact. And there was Matt waiting me for me with a big grin. After the cheesy romantic reunion and waving good bye to Katie, we began the drive home. Yesterday I was pretty good for nothing so Matt and I curled up and did very little. I explained my trip in waffly sleepy terms and eventually fell passed out at 7pm, mid-sentence and unable to keep my eyes open any longer. I only woke up when Matt's alarm for work went off this morning at 7am, and could have easily slept for longer. I guess I was as tired as could be.
SO its washing, sighing, unpacking and remembering today. I loved my trip- to describe it to anyone takes so long. Its been a learning experience full of incredible peoples, cultures and places. Once the novelty of English food and toilets has warn off I'm sure my feet will begin to itch with wanderlust again. But for now its back to work, developing photos, writing to my new friends and catching up with old ones.
The sun sets on one adventure; the next one is dawning over the horizon.
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