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Dear friends,

If you were in indonesia, i would probably ask you to come to Jakarta to meet me first. Jakarta is a metropolitan city and we have lots of buildings and places here. Many modern shopping malls have been opened . But that's not what i'm goin to show you. I'm goin to show you the unique taste of Jakarta. I'm goin to bring you to Jakarta's China Town! I basically grew up here, so i know this place like a palm of my hands. We are going to have some seriously fun culinary experiences! you will taste noodle, rice, cake, fruits, salad...everything in chinesse-Indonesian fusion style. It's gonna be great but watchout for full bellies afterwards. If you already had fun with food, then i will bring you to Museum Fatahillah. It's an old colonial museum, located in Central Jakarta. Wanna experience how it feel to be captured in a dungeon? This is the place. The museum collected several historical stuffs from collonial time. Another great thing is that you can experience how to be a prisoner in a locked, cold basement jail. After taking photos and stuffs, you might wanna go to Wayang Museum, where it  displays Indonesia shadow puppets. You can buy them too, although it is quite pricey considered to Yogyakarta or other places. i

It's almost dawn...we are starving right now so i'm gonna take us to Muara Angke Market to have our dinner. Muara Angke Market is an unique fish market in North Jakarta that provides the freshest seafood in the city. Live seafood market requires bargaining skills, don't worry just ask one of the man to do the nasty job for us and just enjoy the "catch" in one of the huts that offers cooking services for the seafood. Want to have it fried, marinated with spices, stew...name it and u can have it. since it is a fresh seafood market, mind the smell and your belonging. things can get nasty there. but its totally worth it. while we are at the area, why dont we go at Ancol Jakarta Baycity . located in north jakarta this integrated park/beach complex is quite interesting at night. we can sail around the shore with little boats to feel the wind breezin in our ears while sippin some fresh coconut water along the way. afterwards we can rent our private boats to Pulau Bidadari or angel island which located only 15 km from Ancol. enjoy some beach activity around the island and the scenery of forest and beach.

well, afterwards we are going to the next destination: BALI

-To be continued-


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What is the ultimate attraction of Bangkok? many people will say the nightlife. Sure it is great, I agree but all that glitters is not gold. For me being in Bangkok mean surrounded by food and drinks. On every corner of the street there are food stalls, restaurants, diners and all that. The good news is there is something for everyone in every budget. Let me start by their signatures drink,  thai ice tea, it can cost you below 30 baht in food stalls, 100 baht in cafes and maybe more than that in Hotel Restaurants. But they all served the basic, delicious cold tea poured with milk and ice. What a treat for the dry throat. If you find yourself hungry in the middle of the night there is always a place that can satisfy your hunger, from noodles, fried foods or even fish and chips are easily to find  in the streets of Bangkok.

When i walked in a bustling soi or street (in english) i found myself looking at an extravagant food they served in one stalls: grasshopers, and may other insects, the one that i cant even recognized due to the changes in their form. You can find many "working girls" taking a break from their duty and have one of those with hot white and rice and chilli. Can you handle that? Well, there are lesser challenge for you if you dont fancy 'funny' food. Try their famous fried noodles called Pad Thai. This mouthwatering dish can be found in every thai restaurants coz it can works on every tongue. Its hot, its smell good and has wonderfull taste. No funny business in that. But if you want another challenge, squeeze more lime on top and sprinkle hot chillis on it, it will burn your mouth. Too hot? you can always flush that with refreshing coconut water after the meal.

For me sitting in a nice bar with local beers in my hands, they have Singha beer as the most favourite beer, always makes me excited. Beers varied from 60 baht to 200 baht, depends on the place. The tattiest Bar have the cheapest beer, or you could find cheaper beer on happy hours, starting from 12 pm-8pm. Seeing the busy bangkok from the eye of the foreigner is always makes me think about lots of things. I dont need to join in the crowd of Go Go Bars or some Ladyboys Show to enjoy Bangkok. Being part of the city that never sleeps entertain my adventurous soul.

if you have a chance to go to Bangkok, always find the places that you think serves good food and services. Welcome to the Land of Smiles.

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photo by: cicie