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Champers for the New Year

We really didn't know what to expect for New Years at The Mall.  This was the first one since it had reopened and none of the existing staff had been around before to know what was in store for us.  What we did know was that it had been a pretty quiet week as all the students had gone from the University.  They were our regulars at dark-time so we expected tonight to be much the same.

Bristol had a big party planned down in the centre, so up here in Clifton we were well away from it.  We expected that to reduce our patronage as well.  Nicole had her family staying with her and she was pretty keen to get the doors shut before midnight so we could enjoy the season privately.

Once again we were allowed to dress as we wished.  I had shaved my beard off was looking decidedly "darker" than I had the week before when I'd dressed as Jesus for Christmas.

Richard the Doorman pulling pints it was so quiet

The best thing about the night was that two of my favourite ladies came in to see what we were up to.  I'd got a couple of kisses off them last week and hit them up again for New Year's Eve - How bold of me!

I doubt we saw many more than 60 people in the pub at any one time.  Nicole didn't need to be there so she hung with her family up in her flat.  Darryn and Tony were in for the night and had been invited to stay after we shut of course.

At about 11.45pm Nicole rocked in, rang last orders, and started to bustle everyone out by telling them to get down to the party in the city.  We must have had the bars locked only moments after we hit 1993.  We turned the lights out in the top bar and went down into the basement bar for "a jolly good time!"

Nicole's neice Jo was pretty happy with life by this time.
My ladies returned -lovely!
  She kept Tony, Darryn and I well entertained with her flirtatious antics.  She scared me a bit much though so whenever she grabbed me for one of her "superclose" dances I quickly moved us towards Darryn or Tony and passed her on.  It was a cunning plan and seemed to work quite successfully.

Somewhere in the middle of the fun I shot up to the merchandise cupboard and broke out some t-shirts and caps for us all to get into.  Just one of those crazy, alcohol-induced, spur of the moment ideas that saw me get all "home-boy" and start bopping.  Something I'd never done before and I'm sure won't have the urge to repeat.  It was a bit of a hoot at the time though.

Many of the staff had shot through much earlier and it was pretty much Nicole and family, with Darryn, Tony and I left.
Doing a bad Homie impression
  The boys had decided that they were going to see me very drunk.  They were lining up various beverages that I was known to enjoy.  I still managed to keep my wits about me to a certain extent though.

By 4am things had become rather sedate.  Jo had moved on from close dancing to kissing but I was still managing to keep a relatively safe distance.  Nicole decided that we'd given the year a good welcoming and we made our way out of there.  I think we probably made more money over the bar in those 4 hours than we had the rest of the night.

Darryn crashed at mine.  I still had to get up at to prep the bar for the day so we didn't have much time to sleep.  We decided it would be a good idea for him to sleep in front of the door in case Jo had some crazy notion about creeping down from Nicole's to see us.
Tony and Jo early in the night

At about 6.30am Darryn awoke and said he was off back to Pilning and he'd catch me next time.  I rolled over and stacked a few more Zs 'till I had to be back in the bar at 8.30.

I opened up at the appropriate time, which I was impressed with, and actually didn't feel too bad -until, I had to refill the Gin pourer. 
  Now Gin is not a drink of choice for me at all, so when I took the pourer off the empty bottle, and that horrid whiff struck my senses, I took a couple of stumbled steps back.
  I had to ask Gemma to deal with the bottles, telling her I would see to the coffee machine.  Suddenly I felt all those drinks Darryn and Tony had been buying me and I wasn't enjoying them this second time.

I think I polished off the first pot of coffee before we'd even opened for lunch but I'm not a shirker and still managed my work with an air of professionalism, fooling the patrons, but not the staff. 
   2.30pm closing didn't come fast enough for me!

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Champers for the New Year
Champers for the New Year
Richard the Doorman pulling pints …
Richard the Doorman pulling pints…
My ladies returned -lovely!
My ladies returned -lovely!
Doing a bad Homie impression
Doing a bad Homie impression
Tony and Jo early in the night
Tony and Jo early in the night
Darryn with Jo well into the night…
Darryn with Jo well into the nigh…
photo by: petit_gooroo