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St Ives Harbour

Pete and I had an easy trip up to St Ives from Land's End.  He'd been telling me about the landscape and the towns we passed through as we travelled.  It was good to have a personal tour guide to fill me in.  Although they were simple facts he passed on it was still nice to know a little more about the area I was visiting.

St Ives is typically a seaside/harbour town.  Pete explained that during winter months we could expect to have a pretty quiet time of it -just the locals and us.  During summer though, a different kettle of fish!

Summer saw the town invaded by beachgoers hellbent on escaping the city for the relaxing coastal areas.  There are a lot of those places in NZ and I was kinda glad to be visiting to see it's more tranquil face.

St Ives bathing sheds- and Pete without his costume.
  Nothing at all relaxing about a place that grows tenfold during high season, no matter where it lays geographically!

Our first port of call was Pete's appointment, after which we drove down to the harbour and stepped out into the day.  It was tremendously cold with a very pointed wind that seemed able to penetrate every gap available in my clothing.

I loved the place!

The look of it, huddled against the weather on the hills above the harbour, reminded me of one of my favourite tv programmes as a child, "The Magic Ball". 
  I think the ball's owner was a boy named Simon, who every week was transported out of his window, over the rooftops of his town, and onto some great adventure, where he was sure to face, and defeat his nemesis, then return to his bedroom in time for tea.
  I wondered if St Ives was the setting for the town in that story.  It certainly had the look and feel of it.

The sea was being whipped up by the howling gale so none of the fishing boats were out.  Some of them were the subject of a little maintenance and I took my hat off to the men for their grit.  I'd take my cushy inside job any day!

Pete and I wandered around the point where we came across a couple of little sheltered beaches.  One had a row of bathing sheds, the likes of which I had only seen on tv. 
  I pictured a summer in ages past, where a collection of English bathers bounded out of those very sheds, sporting red and white striped bathing costumes and frilly caps.  Hilarious!!

When we both felt we were suitably numb from the cold we made our way to the accomodation Pete had arranged and sorted our bed and breakfasting.
  We asked the lady of the house where we might dine.  She suggested the local pub as it was likely the only establishment open during the off-season. 

We were not at all disappointed by the place.  It had a roaring fire buring, and after we'd enjoyed a hearty steak dinner, we broke the ice with the locals and had a few games of pool.

We stayed 'till closing and stumbled back up the hill to our B&B.

Next day we enjoyed a hearty Full English Breakfast (no black pudding for me thanks) and hit the track homewards.

I had to be back at The Mall by 5pm to relieve Nicole.  We got to the door just after 5.  I rushed in, appologised, shot around to the kennel (my flat at the rear of the pub) for a quick wash and costume change and took up my place behind the bar.

It was a great trip around Cornwall and left me with a lasting desire to one day return.

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St Ives Harbour
St Ives Harbour
St Ives bathing sheds- and Pete wi…
St Ives bathing sheds- and Pete w…
Saint Ives
photo by: davidx