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The Mall gang : Pete, Henri, Francis, Darren and I

There is no time left.

I've done all the travelling that I could now and Nicole is taking the opportunity to get away for a couple of weeks herself.  I am Managing the place whilst she has a break and I remember that it is a mere 6 months ago that I first scored this job and she did the same thing then.
  Totally inexperienced at running a Public House back then, I thought it was huge that I should be running the place in my second week there, now I realise just how much I've learned in 6 months.

Preparations are beginning for my impending departure, there are boxes to pack and ship, friends to chase up, taxes to chase.

Just so it doesn't sound like the whole time was hard work there were also final concerts to attend.  Tony and Darryn had to be taken for a good night out one last time.

Park Street

One of our favourite haunts to catch a good band was the Fleece and Firkin.  It just so happened that one of my favourite bands were swinging by there this week.  "Indigo Girls" played some great folk/rock stuff and I made sure we had some tickets to get along.

Naturally Indigo Girls and The Clash are eons apart and I had my concerns about Tony's liking them but with a few pints of Dry Blackthorne Cider down him he was pretty happy to bop along to anything with a bit of a tune. 
  We had a great night.  I was in a top mood and we leaped about the place, dancing, singing, and screaming at all the appropriate moments.  Tony was a bit concerned about how into them I was getting and I'm sure he was starting to doubt that he really knew me after our 12 months of sharing such totally different music.
SS Great Britain

It didn't bother me at all though.  Live music just can't be beaten!!  We'd seen some great concerts; The Stranglers, Van Morrison, Dave Holdsworth and Liane Carroll Quartet, Five Flights Up.  We'd caught a couple of festivals and I'd got along to numerous plays.
  It was going to be tough to leave such a hive of musical and theatrical activity.

Again I took a stroll around the city and snapped those places that were so dear to me.

Next week Nicole would be back and I'd be heading off to catch Paula in Ireland.  Emotions were mixed.  I was sorry to leave but amped to get back on the road through Europe. 
  I had 6 weeks in which to wind my way through Central Europe and down to Greece where I was to fly back to Aus and home.  The plans were all in place and the clock ticking....

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The Mall gang : Pete, Henri, Franc…
The Mall gang : Pete, Henri, Fran…
Park Street
Park Street
SS Great Britain
SS Great Britain
Bristolian sculpture?
Bristolian sculpture?
photo by: petit_gooroo