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White cross and clocks. Lake Leman feeding the Rhone

Some time in the middle of the night I gave up trying to get to sleep on the cold hard marble floor of the Lyon train station and boarded my train to the country of my heritage.  I was excited.  I had no money and I knew it would be expensive but I couldn't return to the UK when I was this close in case I never got back here.  I loaded as many of the costs onto my credit card as I could allowing me to get myself about with minimal stress.

One of the things I had been a little worried about was the Compulsory Military Training that all young Swiss men my age must do. 
  Obviously being the holder of a passport meant I was as Swiss as you could get but I also had a card that I had to hand over with my passport that exempted me from my military obligations due to my being a Kiwi.  The thing that made me a little uneasy was that the card was written in the 4 languages used in Switzerland but was not written in English.  I really had no idea what it said and as I passed both documents to the border control I wondered if I would be taken straight out the back to be measured for my uniform.  I already had a Swiss Army Knife and I figured that was good enough for me!
Fortunately it seemed I had been given the right info about the card and I was free to go about my exploration without the expectancy of being called to arms.

This was all at the border crossing as I headed to my first stop, Geneva. 

Geneva was a nice enough place.  I had arrived early so I wandered about the centre after getting off the train.  People were just starting to open shops and offices.  I bought some pastries for breakfast and wandered along the lakefront past the United Nations building where I enjoyed the morning sun and the impressive water jet shooting high into the air just off the shore of the lake.

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White cross and clocks.  Lake Lema…
White cross and clocks. Lake Lem…
photo by: DADKA