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Reported to be hard to find -Camden Market.

After doing my research via the "Time Out" mag I decided a day trip to London's Camden Market was a must.  Had to get me a good dose of FUNKY!

The funny thing about this market is that everyone told me it was difficult to track down.  I had thoughts of stepping through the wardrobe in order to find the place but I didn't have that much trouble after all said and done.  Did some serious wandering about the stalls, people watched, snapped it all in an effort to capture the cool, and even threw a couple of pounds across some of the stalls.

Towards the afternoon I felt I'd seen all I'd come to see.  Thought I'd wander off along the canal track and catch a rail when I couldn't walk any more.  Somehow I must have stepped through that wardrobe after all because it seemed the canal led me a merry dance and got me so confused I had second thoughts, but then couldn't find my way back to the market.

Being the good boy scout I was though I never really get lost in a city that has bus stops and train stations on every corner.  Didn't take me too long to find myself and jump a carriage back to the centre.

An ale and some pub grub ended a very successful excursion.

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Reported to be hard to find -Camde…
Reported to be hard to find -Camd…
Funky sounds, wild colours and fac…
Funky sounds, wild colours and fa…
Hair braiding outside the market.
Hair braiding outside the market.
photo by: ulysses