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New looks very new. Old looks ancient!

Not much down here in Algeciras except that it is the port from which one takes a ferry across to Northern Africa. 
  As I'd said Darryn had spent time picking Kirstin's brain about Morocco.  I was happy that he had things well in hand so I cruised at this point, doing as I was told based on his superior knowledge. 
  We found a compfortable room in a cheap motel and wandered about the town.  Once again construction was everywhere and the peculiar juxtaposition of old and new was everywhere to be seen.

Kate was still with us as we were going to visit Giblaltar before we crossed to Africa.  She wasn't heading that way but enjoyed our company so had chosen to come south with us to check out the rock which was a little part of English territory. 
We actually spent three days here in Algeciras, with the second day being spent in Gibraltar and the third being full of sadness at our separation from each other and the spot of bad luck I'd suffered in Gibraltar the day before.
  We weren't very keen to split but we all made our way to the station when Kate was due to head East.  We had a quiet lunch then hugged and kissed each other goodbye, promising to stay in touch of course.  We'd only been together for a little over a week but our friendship had grown and personally I found Kate to be a lovely girl and an easy travel buddy. 
  She was another of those friends I kept up correspondence with once I returned to the UK but lost track of after returning to NZ.

So once again it was just Darryn and I.  We discussed the difference of travel experiences we'd had since we were travelling by public transport and sleeping in hostels.  We certainly were chomping through our money but we would never have met Kate or some of the other friends we'd made and we would have had other issues like getting the old girl onto the ferries etc.

I wasn't as thrilled as I had been to get across to Africa.  We delayed our departure I guess, making excuses like needing to complete a few house-keeping matters such as having to find something to post my collection of posters back to Pilning in.
  We found a great little store which was much like "Arkwright's" from the UK tv show "Open all hours" starring Ronnie Barker.  Here, our Spanish was tested to great extremes as we attempted to make clear our requirements of sun-screen and the postage cylinder.  Tubo.  Probably should have been able to guess that one but we'll never forget it and Darryn and I still laugh about the memory whenever we're together and find a cylinder is needed.

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New looks very new.  Old looks anc…
New looks very new. Old looks an…
photo by: Riz7