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Choir practices carols

My mate Peter, as well as being a regular at The Mall, was also a Travelling Salesman and he'd asked me if I wanted to shoot down to Cornwall with him for a couple of days where he had to visit a couple of clients. 
   I jumped at the chance!
We shot off early on my day off and I arranged with Nicole that I'd be back in time to start work the following day.

I hadn't been down to Cornwall and was pretty excited about it.  Pete wasn't quite so thrilled as he was under a bit of pressure from his bosses to close the three deals he'd been working on for the best part of the year by Christmas and he didn't hold high hopes.

Our first stop was Exeter, which was short and unevintful but then we headed to Truro.  I'd been given the job as navigator as we came into the town so I was able to have Pete drop me at the Cathedral whilst he went around tohe corner to the Council Office where he was hoping to receive his first piece of good news.

Just a taste of the incredible clay relief

The cathedral was a magnificent building and even now I don't think I have seen such a fine example of gothic architecture feeling so alive and modern.

Inside the choir was rehearsing carols and the beautiful sound drifted high to fill the arches curving way above their heads. 
I kept quiet, enjoying the atmosphere and inspecting an absolutely incredible relief on one of the walls.

The relief was constructed in clay and showed the scene before crucifixion. 
  The whole thing was about 4 paces long and the work that must have gone into it was impressive.

The figures were all about 30cm in height and stoold about 4 deep.    Towns folk wept, watched, or berated Soldiers as they forced those destined to die to drag their crosses through the streets. 
  I'm not a Christian but I appreciated the beauty of the sculture very much and the incredible skill the artists showed by capturing such obvious emotion on the faces of the figures.
Pete at Land's End

Fortunately I had a very high speed film in my camera at the time and in the near darkness I was able to capture one telling shot.

Pete collected me from there after his meeting and we made our way to Land's End, the most southern point of England.

The weather was a little brighter, at least the sun was making an attempt to shine, but the wind was still cutting and we didn't hang around too long.  We still had some ways to go if we were going to get down and back to St Ives by the evening.

We made a quick photo stop at Land's End, peered off the cliffs into the Atlantic, and hit the trail to Penzance.

I was being struck left, right, and center by historical places and fully expected to see the Pirate King set sail out of Penzance as Gilbert & Sullivan had suggested and I had sung so often about on stage.  No such luck!  But I couldn't shake the feeling of histroy until we were well on our return journey to Bristol.

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Choir practices carols
Choir practices carols
Just a taste of the incredible cla…
Just a taste of the incredible cl…
Pete at Lands End
Pete at Land's End
St Michaels Mound
St Michaels Mound
Truro Cathedral
Truro Cathedral
photo by: goezi