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Bruce, Jurg, Felix. Germany vs the World

Zurich is the largest city in Switzerland and the financial capital of the country.  Here's where the business is done!

There were two reason I was stopping here.  One city much the same as the next and it wasn't really the money and power that brought me here.  Firstly, it made sense to finish my trip through the country in the north but secondly, and more importantly, my passport shows me hailing from Kussnacht and the only place I could find with that name on the map was a small village near this city.
  I figured if I was here on some sort of journey of discovery I'd better swing by the place, right?

Anyway, I got sorted at the Zurich YHA and found another couple of guys who would become good friends.

All that I found in Kussnacht
  Two german students, Felix and Jurg were sharing a room with me.  Towards the end of the day we met an american kid named Bruce.  We enjoyed the evening together at the hostel by playing several games of pool -well into the night in fact, as we fought a battle of Germany against the world. 
  It was pretty close but Germany overcame the combined forces of the US and NZ.  I think all wars should be conducted on the pool table with a few quiet beers!

Next day I wandered about Zurich but my main focus was to get to Kussnacht and see what lay there.  I wondered if I would find a village full of Goessi's.  Of course they would spell their name correctly (Gossi) rather than the english way of replacing the umlauts over the O with an E to extend the sound.
Zurich to London
  I was a little excited about it all really.

When I arrived at the other end of my short journey I found the Kussnacht sign was fresh and modern, sparklingly crisp I'd say.  I hadn't really expected this.  I thought perhaps there would be a more sort of "ancient" feel to the village, after all this is where my line hails from isn't it?  Doesn't that automatically mean it should be as old as time???

If I thought my initial impression gave the place a "fresh" feel, then the next couple of hours of wandering did nothing to change it.  I didn't see a single person as I went about.  I did see plenty of grape vines though, and a building with a clock tower that could have been a church, a village hall, or a winery building with a clock tower. 

It was all a bit odd and I gave up trying to get to this building as it seemed surrounded by a vinyard that I thought was a private property.  I didn't really find any sort of village at all and decided Kussnacht looked more like a new suburb of Zurich than the ancestral home of the Gossi clan.  It all looked like it had been built a couple of years ago.

I decided to head back to the city and find somewhere for lunch.

I guess it was pretty ironic that it should be here in the financial capital of this very affluent nation that I should reach the bottom of my own finances.  My travel pass was nearing it's death and tomorrow I'd be jumping my last Swiss train as I could afford nothing more than a ticket back to England.
Bruce had gone earlier in the day so the evening was spent drinking another couple of quiets with Jurg and Felix.  I was pleased I'd met these guys as I would be heading through Germany at some point and they insisted that I should swing by their place in Karlsruhe.  Sounded good to me. 
  When I finally did make it to Karlsruhe they weren't at home.  Jurg visited me in NZ several years later though and invited me to his wedding a few years after that.

The whole global friendship thing still blows me away.  It's a big big world but it's pretty tiny at the same time.  I was satisfied that I'd done the best I could seeing everything over the past 5 weeks.  Okay, we didn't get to stamp my passport, in the african country of Chad, on my birthday, but I'd managed a few things equally as cool!!

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Bruce, Jurg, Felix.
Germany vs th…
Bruce, Jurg, Felix. Germany vs t…
All that I found in Kussnacht
All that I found in Kussnacht
Zurich to London
Zurich to London
photo by: Sweetski