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Mumbles Beach. Silly me, I thought beaches were sand and surf not jagged rocks and grime. Where's me sandals???

Another half day of pumping gas for Darryn at the Pilning Garage and this time we decided that we'd test out the ability of Doris to be accommodating where ever she may take us.  We shot into the supermarket, stocked up on rations and went back to the village to ask our chums where we should cut out to for the weekend.

They were stunned, "Whaat?!!  You can't just up and go on holiday!  What are you talking about?!!"
"We're here to see the country and we're hitting the road for the rest of the weekend.  Where does everyone go?"

It took a while for them to believe we were set to fly but they finally suggested the nearest holiday destination was the Gower Penninsular and Mumbles Beach in Wales.  Sounded perfect to us.  We gave Doris a wee tickle and she lurched out onto the tarmac.

Lifeguard memorial, Port Eynon.

I know I've said it before, the beach in NZ is sea and sand.  When we followed the Severn River coast road along to the most popular beach in Wales I was astounded to find a rocky coast and filthy, knee deep water. 
I told Darryn I was here to swim so we got into our trunks and hit the "beach". 
The place was simply ugly with sharp rocks.  A family cavorted on the only bit of sand there was, just enough to spread their blanket and it dawned on me why the English beachgoer was always portrayed as a sock and sandal wearer -out of necessity!

As I waded out into the freezing water I lost sight of my toes by the time the water got half way up my shins.  It was really gross and I wondered how I was going to handle this slimy filth coating my body.  I hoped like hell there was a shower close by that I'd be able to cleanse myself under.

We stoold out there for a short time watching the ships slide across the horizon and I realized that this was undoubtedly the reason for the filth.  Having the shipping lanes so close to the beach had to mean an impact.  Man can't help himself. 
"Darryn," I said, "here goes."  I took one last look into the murk, brushed a bit of plastic flotsum aside, and plunged under the surface as quickly as I could.
Well, I'd had my swim and retreated back to Doris where we got dried and dressed then set out in search of somewhere to park for the night and that shower.

We had a good look around the Port Eynon area the next day too.  I enjoyed the monument to the brave folk of the Life Guard Service.  That's something we don't see much of in NZ.  I think heros should be celebrated as often as possible.

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Mumbles Beach.  Silly me, I though…
Mumbles Beach. Silly me, I thoug…
Lifeguard memorial, Port Eynon.
Lifeguard memorial, Port Eynon.
Gower Penninsular
photo by: lealealou