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Oil fields Cheddar style

One night Darryn and I were invited to Rachels for dinner.  Rachel had arranged it the week before as a thank you to Darryn for his management of the flats and his helping her out with a few problems she was having with the place.  Me?  I was invited along because she was lovely enough not to leave me sitting upstairs alone and having to cook for myself.

It was a pleasant evening, nice meal and lovely wine -lots of lovely wine!

Skipping straight to the next day, Rachel invited me to go with her to Cheddar Valley race track where there was a smash-up derby.  Darryn had to do his thing on the petrol pumps at the garage so it was just to be Rach and I.  We were both pretty tired after our long night and I was felling a little hungover I guess.

Cheddar Valley races
  I was very happy that I didn't have to drive anyway!

Rachel's music of the moment was Simply Red's "Stars" album and we always knew when she was home, or when she was approaching in her car.  It used to blast out of her stereo where-ever she was.  Darryn wasn't a big fan of Simply Red but I think Mick Hucknel's got a great voice and love the band's rhythm.

It was a perfect day in Cheddar.  The sun was shining but there was a nice breeze and a little cloud cover that meant we didn't get too hot.  The races progressed nicely and in the end there was a very satisfactory pile of smashed up cars!
  My one concern was that Rachel was very quiet all day.  It wasn't really like her and although she told me that it was tiredness we all know what it means when a woman says that, right guys?!!  I couldn't bring her around anyway and at the end of the day we had another quiet trip back to Pilning.

She spoke with Darryn about her concerns a day or two later but he wouldn't tell me what she said, I still don't know but I can guess it was the fact my departure was looming and she'd gone into self preservation mode.

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Oil fields Cheddar style
Oil fields Cheddar style
Cheddar Valley races
Cheddar Valley races
photo by: Riz7