Getting to Dijon-the most difficult part of this trip !

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Arriving at Charles de Gaulle airport on time, and I first rushed to the ticket office to get a TGV ticket to Dijon.  There was only an hour left before the departure of the train, but what I found was a very long line in front of the office. Actually there were ticket machines outside the office, but they only accept coins or IC credit cards, so I needed to stand in line.

About 30 minutes later, I could finally get closer to the entrance, then the line I was standing turned out to be the one for trains for Paris and the suburbs...! I got off the line, and I found another line on the other side of the office. I only got more or less 20 minutes, but the line had proceeded very slowly...5 minutes before the departure, there were still more than 10 people waiting in line, so I gave up the direct train for Dijon from the airport, and changed to PLAN B; going to the Gare de Lyon and catch another train leaving in 2 hours. But do I have to stand in that horribly long line again to get an RER ticket for Paris ?!

Never !!! So I first tried to break my bank note into coins in order to use the machine all of which had little lines, but all the surrounding shops were closed -it was over 19:30. I tried to ask some poeple for the change, in vain-but cannot blame them at all !

And here came a guy who carried a plastic bag full of coins asked me if I wanted to change money. Usually, I would ignore this kind of guy, but this time, I was desperately wanted coins, so I exchanged mine with plenty of coins. I should've counted them twice, but seriously I had very little time left to catch the train for Dijon, so I assumed it was heavy enough to be 10, and went to the machine...

Then He told me not to buy an RER ticket, as he always took one without tickets...OK, I've heard the story, but the fine must be really expensive, so I said no, but he insisted me to come with him...maybe because I was too exhaused to get rid of him, or I might secretly want thrills...? hmm, I don't know, but the next moment I hopped over the gate and got on a train... And by doing that, those coins I desperately wanted became nothing but just heavy coins I wanted to spend as soon as I think I should have asked him to change them again, but it didn't popped up in my mind at that moment...let me say, I was too tired to think !

In the train, he started to talk about himself. He talked in French, so I couldn't understand the whole story, but he said that he lived in underground close to the airport at that moment, because some mafia/police tried to kill him in some parts of Paris.
He also asked me if I wanted to come to the party he would have that night, even though I had already told him my destination before...Maybe he was crazy, but anyway I had an "interesting" journey on RER...and what's more, for free :p

But at the gates of the Gare de Lyon, I encountered another difficulty...they were different from the ones at the airport and it was impossible to hop them over ! I regret that I shouldn't have done something like that on the first place...but then I found some people who carried many luggages opened a large gate next to the normal one !

RUN !!!!! I got out from the gate just behind them, and finally caught the TGV for Dijon in the end :D 
What a long evening after 10 hours flight from Seoul !
And all those coins were perfectly used when I took a taxi to the hotel from the train station in Dijon-almost 10 euros.

I was very lucky this time, but I will never do that again, and just be prepared for enough coins or a new credit card !

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photo by: planxty