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     I went to arkansas in may to visit my oldest sister Amanda, her husband Marty, my neice Mackenzie and nephew Kody. It was a long boring trip from PA. We went through West Virginia, Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois, and Missouri. Nothing interesting happened for the first few states.

     Once we hit Indiana we stopped in Corydon for dinner. Lemme tell you now that the Wendy's there is old school. It wasnt my best trip to Wendys but it was food. My order got messed up 3 times. How it happened, i dunno. I ordered a #5 add mayo and a M&M twisted frosty. The girl handed me and Oreo frosty 1st... Then when i opened my sandwhich it had ketchup only on it.... The sad part about that was when the girl and I had a 3 minute conversation about how the sandwhich comes with honey mustard on it and I wanted mayo on it as well.. but it still got messed up. Then we went over to Taco Bell to satisfy everyone in the car and they were out of mild sauce. I couldnt believe it. How does that happen lol. It was kinda funny actually. Couldnt wait to get out of Corydon.

    When we got into Illinois we stopped at a Dair Queen for dessert. It was yummy. The fun part there was my brother's puppy Brady found her family. All the ppl working inside looked like they were related... Like they were the Brady Bunch. That made for a good laugh.

     So a bit further down the road, we missed our turn onto the highway so we pulled into a CVS Pharmacy to turn around. There was only 1 way in and out so we were looking for a short cut. We found it in the form of what appeared to be an alley seperated from the parking lot by 5 feet of grass. So my brother, being the brightest crayon in the crayola box that he is, decided to drive over the grass, onto the "alley" and back out to the highway. Wouldnt you know it that on the other side of a large truck was a County Police car that just happened to see our witty manuever.  Just as we expected at this point, the fuzz flicked his lights and siren on signalling us to pull over. Luckily for us, this particular police officer found humor in the fact that we were from way out of town and had just driven on what was actually a bike trail!! We played out the "out of towner" card. He ate it up. He said to us, "That was a bicycle trail ya'll just drove on. Now i dont know what ya'll do in Pennsylvania but here in Illinois, we use those for Exercise." At that point i had to bite my tongue. This guy was something else. We just let him insult us and played dumb... It was worth it. So then the officer asks my brother's girlfriend and I to see our IDs. When we asked why he said, "Just need to make sure ya'll arent runaways or midget killers." ... Wait what?!?!?! (Now what makes that even more funny is that my brother's girlfriend, Jessi, is only 4'10''and a half haha. which is legally borderline midget)...  

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