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View from the coach en-route. Looks warm and sunny. Actually very cold.
For some reason I only have two photos of the second largest town in Iceland. Don't know why, maybe it was because my fingers were too cold to work the camera. Akureyri is really, really cold. We'd checked the BBC weather forecast before we left, which showed a nice large picture of a sun and the temperature being twenty-two degrees. Sadly that doesn't factor in the Arctic wind, so we felt like a couple of berks as we froze one extremity off after the other.

Luckily, we weren't alone, as we bumped into some other tourists, (two from the UK like us and two Americans), who also had been hoodwinked by the Beeb.

Akureyri is a nice small town. Not much there (apart from the fabled penis museum), but pleasant. Apparently it also has the world's most northerly Chinese restaurant. We wanted to eat there but it was closed. The other fantastic thing about Akureyri was, as with all of Iceland, the bookstores are the last places open. I love that in a culture, and this caused me to fall in love with the Icelandic people all over again and forgive them for the slightly freezing conditions!

We were only in Akureyri for a couple on nights as we completed the Jewels of the North tour. It was a nice place, but I wouldn't hurry back - too cold.
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View from the coach en-route.  Loo…
View from the coach en-route. Lo…
The church at Akureyri.
The church at Akureyri.
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