Viaje Inciatiko

 By clousiot

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Mis viajes de toda la vida

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February 5th, 1991General Guido, Argentina
January 10th, 1992Martin Garcia, Argentina
February 20th, 1995Camboriu, Brazil
January 15th, 1996Tandil, Argentina
May 15th, 1997Montevideo, Uruguay
May 20th, 1997Madrid, Spain
June 1st, 1997Barcelona, Spain
June 10th, 1997Amsterdam, Netherlands
June 20th, 1997Copenhagen, Denmark
July 11th, 1997Delft, Netherlands
August 1st, 1997Puerto Rico, Spain
July 10th, 1998Frankfurt am Main, Germany
July 20th, 1998Paris, France
September 21st, 1998Puerto, Spain
October 23rd, 1998Tenerife, Spain
January 12th, 2000Gualeguaychu, Argentina
January 12th, 2000Crespo, Argentina
January 11th, 2003San Miguel de Tucuman, Argentina
January 14th, 2003Cafayate, Argentina
January 15th, 2003Salta, Argentina
January 18th, 2003Purmamarca, Argentina
January 20th, 2003Humahuaca, Argentina
January 21st, 2003San Salvador de Jujuy, Argentina
December 1st, 2003Tafi del Valle, Argentina
January 15th, 2005Tres Arroyos, Argentina
February 18th, 2005San Marcos Sierra, Argentina
September 10th, 2006Buenos Aires, Argentina
September 10th, 2006San Luis, Argentina
September 12th, 2006Casilda, Argentina
January 3rd, 2007Rosario, Argentina
January 5th, 2007Cordoba, Argentina
January 7th, 2007Mendoza, Argentina
January 25th, 2007Luyaba, Argentina
November 14th, 2007Sunchales, Argentina
January 5th, 2008Sierra de la Ventana, Argentina
January 5th, 2008Villa Ventana, Argentina
January 30th, 2008Sierra de la Ventana, Argentina
April 2nd, 2008Villa Gesell, Argentina
January 10th, 2009Aguas Verdes, Argentina
January 12th, 2009Costa del Este, Argentina
January 15th, 2009Aguas Verdes, Argentina
January 19th, 2009Costa del Este, Argentina
September 9th, 2009Pehuajo, Argentina
October 10th, 2009Olavarria, Argentina
October 12th, 2009Olavarria, Argentina
December 1st, 2009Amaicha del Valle, Argentina
December 10th, 2009Olavarria, Argentina
March 1st, 2010Villa Gesell, Argentina
July 20th, 2010Pehuajo, Argentina
August 27th, 2010Santiago del Estero, Argentina
October 3rd, 20109 de Julio, Argentina
January 7th, 2011San Salvador de Jujuy, Argentina
January 10th, 2011Salta, Argentina
January 13th, 2011San Miguel de Tucuman, Argentina
February 20th, 2011Villa Gesell, Argentina
April 2nd, 2011Trenque Lauquen, Argentina
August 7th, 2011Malargue, Argentina
August 8th, 2011Lujan de Cuyo, Argentina
August 8th, 2011Mendoza, Argentina
March 3rd, 2012Villa Gesell, Argentina
April 6th, 2012Chascomus, Argentina
November 17th, 2012Ramallo, Argentina
February 11th, 2013Villa Gesell, Argentina
November 24th, 2013Mar de las Pampas, Argentina
March 2nd, 2014Villa Gesell, Argentina
August 5th, 2014Tigre, Argentina
December 23rd, 2014Mar de las Pampas, Argentina
December 6th, 2015Punta Indio, Argentina
February 15th, 2016Villa Gesell, Argentina
August 20th, 2016Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay
December 1st, 2016San Antonio de Areco, Argentina
April 20th, 2017San Pedro, Argentina
August 20th, 2017Diamante, Argentina