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So my buzzer on my alarm clock goes off.... 330... IN THE MORNING! I am not a morning person, nor do i pretend to be! But for you to have a day planned on the lake tends to need some to prepare! So we get ready, the sea-doos are already hitched onto the 4 door and from my knowledge the 20 footer boat is already docked into a slip in the new Antelope Marina...  so why I ask is why I have to get up so flippin early! To get a good spot my uncle tells... "sure"!!  so off we all jump into the 4 door, from the sights of it, looks like 30 of indians JAM PACKED! but on the way there, plenty of identical vehicles following right behind us. My uncle pulls off at the local gas station to pick up bait, Vantana's the locals call it. Everyone knows everyone here in this small town, so it was just like going to your local bar and asking for the "usual".

So off we go, gotta good can of redbull in me and barely now feeling the affects...  = ) just wish i had some jager to complement it...!! anywho, 20 minutes later we have arrived and see that the boat hasn't been docked, only waiting atop the hill next to the loading ramp. Sweet... i hate this part! I mean anyone who has tried to do this knows that it definately is not as easy as it looks. I shouldn't say we are champs at this, but waiting for our turn and watching the people before us struggle to do this makes me wonder if i would be able to do this when i am the leader of the pack... = (  but someday will come soon enough!
Skip past the time consuming loading, we are all onboard and going full speed ahead... love the wind blowing in my hair.
. = )   but yeah, it was another 30 drive, going through NO WAKE zones really suck! we go to our usual cove, which shall remain nameless so no tourists can crash my party! being half burnt since some genius left the lotion at home, i was getting red... ! but while on the lake i got to experience the usual tubing and boating while also just relaxing in the sun and enjoying the moment. its rare that my family and I are all able to do something like this. We went all out, we had sea-doos, 3 boats, inner tubes, tents, and floaties... so much good times! I wish i could explain it all, i mean people laughing and having a good time. It was like the perfect all american family... ! From out of no where, the alcohol appeared... made the day go by even faster! We brought the grill out, steaks and fresh fish.
. totally awesome and good grub. Being the NICE TBer I am, we invited people over (like they couldn't see the HUGE bon fire!!)  and we chated and they were travelers from Germany, Ireland, China, good times.. so we have some future TBers in the mix hopefully.. = )  the day was coming to an end and people were headed back. some were staying to camp out, but i didn't wanna tough it out yet. I mean the last time i was camping and alcohol... i ended up swimming home... lol  *NOT REALLY*...  so just another day at the beatiful LAKE POWELL!!

eurowestgirl says:
What a gorgeous area.
Posted on: Aug 06, 2008
martinezsmi says:
funny how families all over try to do the same thing been on the boat twice this year tubing (brothers have been on more than i can count) but its still great just to get away with family
Posted on: Jul 18, 2008
pushirubiano says:
I'm jealous! I wanna go to Lake Powell, too! *whine* ;-)
Posted on: Jul 07, 2008
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Lake Powell
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