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After being at the lake for the better part of the day yesterday, I figured I would go check out the sights! Seeing my town as a touist as something new to me. Holding a camera and trying to take the best photo, blocking out the townies who know me who just kept pointing and/or laughing at me.... you losers! Only if you knew how many friends I have on my cult travel site called Travbuddy! Someday they will be sorry... (I thought in my
The first thing that came to my head was the famous Antelope Canyon, I haven't been to that place is many many moons. When I was probably 12 years old ?!? I only had connections at the upper canyon, so the choice was definately clear cut. It sure does pay (or not pay) to be indian since my admission was free! Poor tourists, paying 25$ a person for something that I secretly got waived.

But yeah, word to the wise, don't try name drop - bad things may happen to you. If pictures and words put together, made by me, proceed to my other review!

I also thought of going to Wahweap Marina and also to the Glen Canyon Dam, but unfortunately time didn't allow me to since I definately procrastimate too much and woke up too late. Sorry but I am not a morning person! So that of course gives me another reason to come back home and do that... see what kind of dedication I have to the site? So with all those options obsolete I decided on checking out Antelope Pointe Marina and their new floating restaurant.

On the way back I remember someone saying that Michael Jackson's giraffes were here in Page, on top of the hill.
I knew the location they were talking about, so looking from the road I did see a new building which looked more like a shack from the road. I took the road which said DO NOT ENTER, but I guess it definatley wasn't meant for me, well because its me... = ) I didn't have no 4 wheel drive and the road was not paved at all. My eyes were all too happy to see this... dark thoughts filled my head... time to put the PEDAL TO THE METAL!! Anywho, a couple wrong routes, explainging to the cops that I don't speak english, and trying to say "I DON'T KNOW WHERE I AM" in navajo (or best in broken english).  I knew the guys, so they couldn't help but laugh! and they escorted me to the location... and HOLY CRAP! I had no doubts about giraffes in the desert, but there they were... chewing on something. I couldn't believe my eyes! Them actually being Michael Jackson's or not... seeing them was good enough reason to believe. The caretaker introduced himself, I swear that he looked like some form of related family from the famous guy. But oh well... he told me that they were going to build some wildlife preserve out here. I was astonished! But the officers reminded me I was on private property and kindly escorted me back to the road. I got some pictures, they just wouldn't allow me to take more than a few! Conspiracy I know... = )

Africancrab says:
Very informative blog, an inspiration to visit there.
Posted on: Jul 14, 2008
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After spending the previous day at the lake and being surrounded again with family and friends it was nice to get away from the city life. I mean I honestly think its good for the soul when one can leave its cities' surroundings and come out to nature. It was such a good time last night when I actually got to see STARS!! It is small I know, but when its dark, dark - I am not talking about the city lights being too bright and not being able to get the darkness which illuminates the brightness of the stars. It was so BEAUTIFUL! In a way I do miss home and being surrounded with nothing but nature. But me being me, I can't hand not having a movie complex or a mall to shop at. The biggest thing that happened to this small town was it getting a Super Walmart! I know, everyone get your picture cameras ready. But in essence, thats why I love this town. Uncorrupt from the big city franchises and big city dreams. People in this town know who they are and don't pretend to be anything that they are not. Good solid people, people who I miss talking to, hanging out with and just having a solid converstation with. Not one of those "fake" converstations - "oh, hey there... hows the fam?...blah blah blah ".  More of the time when you can look and see a real HI, ya know kinda being like the Cheers - where everyone knows your name... = )  With that though, means that everyone knows your business...!! I guess they call it home sickness, but spending more than 2 days in this small town is good enough for me. I would like to believe that this place is my home away from home.
..! I caught a small cough and thought I was getting sick but my family blames on me being affected by the clean air, compared to the populated air down south. Yeah, they may be right, but i just reach for some cough drops for the time being. Can never be too safe these days. I sometimes wonder what would happen if I stayed here, besides not being in an over populated city... what would I be doing here. Powerplant most likely, I mean it seems to capture anyone who has no hopes or dreams for themselves. Don't get me wrong, they pay pretty dang well, and I know alot of people who work there but for some reason I can't see myself ever working there. I was close once, but that was along time ago and I was thinking about more of the money than anything else. I still think about it financially, what if I come back for just a year... clear 6 figures and then buy that house, car, and other valuables that my heart want. But I know deep down in my heart that one year will turn into 2... then 3... then before you know it I too would be something that I dread. I try not to worry too much about anything, people say thats my downfall. All this to me is material... I rather buckle in and take in the sights/people and let the good times roll... = )
martinezsmi says:
i think your making the right choice (but it's easy to say that) i still live in my little town with my family and sometimes i regret it and wish i was somewhere else but i can't leave now (they are too old i'm stuck in a job i no longer love just here for the pay and benifits) i keep saying one day but know that time and life are passing me by
Posted on: Jul 18, 2008
20 km (12 miles) traveled
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