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Austin Travbuddies: Scott, Mike, Traci, Tim, Kenneth, Elena, Melinda, and Jon. Good people, good food, and good drinks.
For a couple of months now I had been talking smack to some of the local TBs about getting a group of us together.  I guess it finally caught up with me.  I think Huy (hdao74)  finally said, "so what whatever happened to that TB meet you were talking about?".   They had called me out on my potential BS, and I knew I needed to come through.  The way I saw it, the benefits would outweigh the shame, so I might as well give it a shot. ;D

There are over 600 profiles that have been created in Austin, and I did my best to find those of us that are fairly active without excluding anyone.  I got some great response.  Although 9 of us made it (Tim [TYoungTX], Scott [smurphyaus], Huy [hdao74], Jon [JSuk], Traci [TXWildflower], Melinda [trvlgrrl], Elena [iseefishes], and Mike) I know there were at least that many or more that were interested in attending had they not previously committed to other activities.
Tim, Huy, Scott, Traci, and Mike; the other side of the table.
  I know many of us are looking forward to the next gathering.

As I hope you've read in Tim's blog, I had suggested that we meet in the bar at Polvo's, without realizing that there really isn't a bar area.  Well, being the good TBs that we are, we showed up pretty much at the same time.  Elena, Mike, and I walked in to look for the others, wondering how the TB hunt would turn out.  Being the organizer, I had tried to do my best to memorize faces and names so that I could find everyone easily.  I  had also promised to make a sign that would be easily recognizable and would attract any stragglers, but it turned out to be unnecessary because everyone was already in line for drinks.  Perfect, where else should I look for a bunch of travelers but in line for alcohol!  Ha!

Polvo's is apparently very popular.
Fish fajitas at Polvo's Mexican Restaurant.
  I put my name on the list before I had even found everyone.  We got our drinks, and had plenty of time to stand around getting to know each other.  Traci and I started off with cheladas, the less spicy cousin of a michelada.  They were good, but I get lost in too much lime sometimes.  That didn't stop us all from getting a chance to initiate ourselves with names and those other basic introductions.  Everyone was very friendly and we almost wouldn't have noticed that we had been waiting for an hour had not our stomachs begun to rumble!  There was a 19 top and two other 10 tops ahead of us!  Well, we finally decided to retire to the breeze of the parking lot, seeing as how Polvo's has no waiting area, and it was just our luck that the group ahead of us must have bailed, because we walked onto the outer patio and were immediately seated.
ATX TBs at Creekside for drinks after our dinner gathering.

We continued the conversations, the drink orders, and took a good long look at the menu before we finally were able to order.  I got the Fish Fajitas on recommendation by the waiter.  It was good.  Shoulda made my own order.  Didn't feel like paying enough attention to the menu to actually decide for myself though.  I think he upsaled me, but the fish was still pretty good.

After some good laughs, fun conversations, a few drinks, and even some plans for future travels to New Zealand, the night began to wrap up.  It was Friday, though.  I couldn't bring myself to go home at 10:30 when I was usually just making it out the door at that time.  Besides, I had just made some new friends and wanted to see if I could convince them to continue the party.
Goofing off? or pulling my sexiest pose? Gah!
  Creekside Lounge was opening their live music venue section of the club, and I knew there would be people there.  So, Traci, Jon, Huy, and myself moved on to the Red River District.  The bar was rocking, but the bands in the new section were pretty lame, so we stuck to the back deck where we could listen to the dj, dance, and let random photographers take our pictures.

The night kept us moving from there to Side Bar and then to Red Eyed Fly to catch the last few songs of Cruiserweight's set.  Jon had to bail a little early due to having started a boot camp at 5am that morning.  The rest of us started in on the water by 1am and rested before our long rides home to the north side.  Ha!  You notice that?  It was the north side contingent who were the only ones that were willing to continue the party?  Oh wait, besides those Crestview folks....;P

Anyway...finally Austin has represented itself well in the world of Travbuddy meets!  That was just practice y'all, so look out for the next one in a couple of months.  I think we're gonna let it cool down a bit for any northern folk that might want to make it down...hehe!  See y'all down that dusty road!
TalitaM says:
Are there any Austin meetups this weekend?
Posted on: Nov 06, 2015
yadilitta says:
Mmm, I'm considering going back to Austin haha.
Posted on: Jul 06, 2008
the_bloodsucker says:
congrats, buddy! more, more meetups! =D
Posted on: Jun 30, 2008
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Austin Travbuddies:  Scott, Mike, …
Austin Travbuddies: Scott, Mike,…
Tim, Huy, Scott, Traci, and Mike; …
Tim, Huy, Scott, Traci, and Mike;…
Fish fajitas at Polvos Mexican Re…
Fish fajitas at Polvo's Mexican R…
ATX TBs at Creekside for drinks af…
ATX TBs at Creekside for drinks a…
Goofing off?  or pulling my sexies…
Goofing off? or pulling my sexie…
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