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After running around Accra all day (again) and making the crazy drive all day, I'm now in Ho Hoe and will be visiting Ho Hoe and Kpando areas.  They
are pretty decent sized towns surrounded by rural villages in the Volta region.  Emmanuel (my driver and new friend I met through Hannah at the Ghana Literacy Project)
is proving to be single handedly the greatest resource yet.  He's from
this area and especially Kpando and knows many of the local people
everywhere we go.  As we speak, he's out talking to people he knows in
Ho Hoe to find out which villages we'll go to tomorrow.  He also plans
on going one day ahead of me to villages to speak with them about GB
and what we do so that when I arrive they are ready and have thought
about what they need to answer and don't jump to conclusions about
what we might do there.  I'll be surveying people from chiefs to taxi driver, traders to farmers to really get a feel for the needs of the communities here before trying to work on developing some sort of program.

He runs an organization called Dream Global Foundation.  He has a
hostel in Accra that is rented to university students at the moment.
He also works placing volunteers and coordinating projects.  We
stopped in Kpando on the way here to try to speak with his friend, the
director of water for Kpando region so I could meet him.  Orion, who runs the water program for GB should
be very happy about that!  I think they did a large water study that I
can try to get the data from and could be VERY helpful!

As for education, the Ghana Education Service has just recently
started opening free schools in the country but they are very basic
and offer no supplies really.  Still many of the children walk over 30
minutes to attend school.  I'll be finding out more about this
starting tomorrow but it still seems that even if there is a school
there is a lack of supplies...even basic textbooks sometimes.  As for
the teacher training, I have yet to speak with anyone and will do some
digging to find out exactly what kind of training, if any, most of the
teachers have had to see how big of a part that is playing on the type
of education being received.

Thus far my best idea is a type of community learning center.  A place
where the school will use during the day and adult education learning
in the evenings.  It could be partially funded if not solely if the computers also
acted as the sole internet cafe in these villages.  MAny of the
villages have to go over an hour to get to internet.  Granted it is
slow, but the people still use it (there are about 10 people in the
one I'm in now), so this could be a great alternative to self fund the
project if that's a route we could go.  It could also then benefit the
entire community and workshops could be held on various things from
technical to science, youth empowerment and community
leadership...this is just an idea...we'll see how well the people here
think of it but Emmanuel thinks it's a great idea.  Not only that, but
he says he can easily have things like land donated should we ever
need it because the people here know him and trust him and as far as
coordinating logistics, he could easily have that covered.  Since he
knows all the people in the area he can likely even get the community
to work on such things at cost prices, for example, transportation to
and from accra, because it has to be a partnership not a for profit
business for the community.  Granted, the community will benefit in
many ways if GB comes, but it is just one way they can contribute he

Anywho, we start tomorrow and I will try to keep you updated but the
internet in this town is slower than dial up.  I didn't even know that
was possible!  I'm in the land of mosquitoes so I'm praying I don't
get bit much!  I didn't get to grab my net before I left and I'm already up to 9 bites for the week...topping my 7 for the entire trip last year!  Sad.  Cross your fingers for me!
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