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My beautiful Lexi smiling for the camera.
I just realized I've hit the 3 month mark before my trip.  I kept telling everyone, November, I leave in November but I've just realized it's actually not as far away as it sounds!  I have so much to do...especially work!  Travel unfortunately sucks up all my money.  I've been online nearly everyday looking for NGO organizations to get in touch with so that I can have as much planned as possible when I get to Accra.  Unfortunately, Ghanaians are neither good at planning nor the importance of time so I'm not getting too far.

Basically the plan is to wing it.  Yup, that's my plan.  Fly to Ghana, visit my old host family and set up camp at their home where I'll be keeping all my stuff, packing a back pack, catching a tro to the Volta region and hoping villagers take me into their homes if there's no guesthouse or hotel.
I'm gonna miss her!
  I'm hoping to be able to hire a car and driver for the sheer fact that transportation can be next to nil in the rural areas and I can get a LOT more research done if I have one but if I do, it will only be for the rural areas.  Not exactly my idea of experiencing the culture but I did it the old fashioned local way last year but this year I have an's called research.  And the more research I get, the sooner we can get the pilot brigade going.

I had a sudden realiziation that I'll be meeting new people which is fun, but that I'm going to greatly miss not having Kate there.  I met her on my trip last year and we spent nearly the whole time together when we weren't at our projects.  She was the greatest travel buddy ever.  I won't really be going to touristy spots so I'm not really sure I'll find someone so willing to take on my adventures with me but I'm sure I'll meet volunteers along the way.  It was just nice to find someone to build a bond with and trust and not have to explain yourself over and over again.

I'm working 6 days a week, two jobs right now and though I'm sure I'll be fine financially, can't help but be a little nervous.  I live in LA and unfortunately have lots of bills to pay while I'm, car, insurance, etc.  I am glad though, that my brother agreed to take in my little Lexi (my 4 pound pomeranian who's the love of my life).  I'll be flying to Seattle first to drop her off, and then flying out the next day to Africa.  She'll get a month of play time with his two pomeranians and a family to play with so at least she'll be happy but I'm going to miss her!  I haven't been seperated from her for more than 2 days since she was born!

I wish I could travel all the time.  I'd get so much more done!  Hopefully by next year I"ll have the business off the ground and will have free reign to travel as I please =)
jenn79 says:
I know it's 3 months away but I look forward to hearing how it goes! =)
Posted on: Aug 16, 2008
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My beautiful Lexi smiling for the …
My beautiful Lexi smiling for the…
Im gonna miss her!
I'm gonna miss her!