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So the nerves have hit again.  Of course I'm a procrastinator and have yet to send my passport off to obtain my visa, visit the doctor to get my perscriptions, or even remotely think of what to pack.  It's all on my to do list for the next two weeks...along with receiving training for my business, counseling for my business, entertaining a guest from out of town for 4 days, halloween, cleaning and organizing my room to prepare for the girl moving in while I'm gone, shipping stuff to Washington for christmas (I'm going home but it will be cold and I can't bring winter clothes to ghana with me), buying a travel carrier for my dog (she's being flown to Washington while I'm gone), not to mention all the other things in life such as work...sleep...eat.  You know, basic survival skills.  Haha.  Oh yeah, and prepping all of my research material...that's kind of important considering it's pretty much the biggest reason I'm going back to Ghana!

We had the board meeting for GB a few weeks ago and I've just started getting the surveys from all the disciplines...medical, business, water, dental, architecture and law.  In the meantime I still have to write my own survey and present all the info to the CEO to see if I can't get my car and driver paid for...or at least part of it.  A girl named Hannah from the Ghana Literacy Project hooked me up with a good friend of hers in Ghana who was born and raised in the area I'm doing research.  He owns a vehicle and is going to act as my driver/translator.  He also happens to know many significant community leaders and non profits which will prove to be very useful. 

I picked out my hotel in Ho Hoe.  For an extra $2 per night I'm allowing myself one luxury...hot water.  I did Ghana the rough way last time and still am for the most part this time.  I could get the suite with television, AC, etc but it's the roughing it part of it I enjoy.  Unfortunately freezing cold showers aren't exactly pleasant and warm water (I don't care if it's boiled in a bucket or coming from a shower) is single handedly the greatest luxury in Ghana...it even beats a real toilet in my opinion!  I had no problem peeing in the gutter from time to time nor in front of people when necessary.  But the cold water on your stomach and freezing when it's 90 degrees outside...wasn't pleasant.  For $9 per night they have a conference room too (who knows the status of it) but hopefully I'll be putting that to good use as well.

I didn't raise all the funds for the toilets so I'm doing one of three things.  Saving it until we do have the funds.  Building a playground (only $500), or cementing the basketball court and maybe putting in a hopscotch, four square type thing or something similar.  I really want to do something big for Golden Era.  If I cement the basketball court there may be extra money to buy more books for the library too.  I'll also be presenting some scholarships to the students there. 

Oh yeah!  My friend Gardenia is coming for four days and I can't wait!  I'll likely go to Cape Coast and Kokobite with her before starting all my work.  She's going to Ghana and Liberia.  We grew up near each other for about three years, went to high school together, and both have been traveling ever since.  I haven't seen her since high school and we'll meet in Ghana so it will be sooooo much fun!  I simply can't wait.

I hate that I procrastinate and leave it all until the end.  I vowed I wouldn't do that this time.  Ugh.  Oh well.  I'll get it done like always.  I just don't know what to bring as donations this time....supplies didn't go over all that well last time.  I was thinking maybe just clothes for the kids?  I need to find some small cheap trinkets to bring too as gifts.  Oh I can't wait to see the Aboagyes again! 
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