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So the preparations have began!

I have yet to go see the doctor to get my malaria medication and antibiotic perscription and yet to fill my other prescriptions but tomorrow...on the list of to do things tomorrow!  I also need to see the dentist before I leave and I'm afraid if I have a cavity they won't be able to fill it before I leave.  WHY AM I SUCH A PROCRASTINATOR!  AHHHH!  I even just got my passport back in the mail yesterday because I waited so long to send for my visa!

I'm very excited as I've talked with many local Ghanaians who I'll be meeting with while in Ghana that operate organizations similar to GB.  I also will be meeting a man who will help me most likely establish a Ghanaian non profit and we can make Make the Change an official organization!  Just not in the Us....yet....=)

To date from the http://www.mtcghana.org website I've raised $900 US dollars in the 2 short weeks it's been up.  Shockingly the people who have contributed were some of the ones I least likely expected or those that I barely know.  I can't even get $5 out of my closest friends to help these kids.  How sad is that?  I have yet to see what the funds will do while there.  I've raised an additional $425 towards projects and $850 out of my pocket for scholarships so the numbers are beginning to look good!  I hope that we can build the toilets while I'm there but I'm not sure if the project will get launched this time around.  Hopefully I can find an organization to help us build/test them while I'm there but if not, next trip.  I also am looking into a playground and school garden for the children.

Even more exciting is that my friend Gardenia is coming!  Gardenia was my neighbor when I was 7 years old and I grew up going to school with her.  I haven't seen her since high school (6 years now) and we'll be meeting when she flies into Accra the day after I do!  She's sponsoring a free school lunch day to feed all 250 students at the school for a day before she heads off to Liberia to gather research at a school in a refuge camp there.  The kids are absolutely going to love her!

I've lined up a driver named Emmanuel who I was connected with from a friend named Hannah who runs the Ghana Literacy Project.  He will be my driver/translator and also happens to run a non profit which seems to have great things happening!  I can't wait to meet him and see what our minds create in terms of helping the people of Ghana!

I'll be home November 23rd for an early Thanksgiving celebration with my friends and family while saying a partial goodbye to my pup Lexi who is the love of my life =(  But I know she'll be in good hands with my family and I'll see her again come Christmas time.

All the things to do and so little time, why do I do this?  Ghana here I come!
oldschoolbill says:
You are not the only one. The sooner TravBuddies fall behind, the more time they have to catch up.
Posted on: Nov 16, 2008
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