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So I've recently started with this non profit organization called Global Brigades which I'll call GB from now on.  GB is an organization that works to empower university students to help others in the world.  Right now they have medical, business and water programs in Honduras and Panama and are expanding to Brazil and Ghana.  They have architecture, engineering, dental and most recently EDUCATION BRIGADES in the future! 

Why am I here?  Well I attended a bi-annual board meeting to learn more about GB with my friend Kathy who helps head up the medical program.  She wanted me to help her expand to Africa and since I'd been to Ghana, I said GHANA GHANA GHANA! =)  I have to advocate for those people, they're amazing!  She was in agreeance.  I spoke with one of the CEO's to talk about helping them expand their water program and in return they'd send me to Honduras for free...but our conversation turned quickly and he realized I'm obsessed and meant to do more.  So what did he do?  He said this after a long pause..."Here's what we're going to do.  We're going to start education brigades and you're going to run it."  It wasn't a question, it was a statement.  HOW EXCITED WAS I?!  FINALLY a purpose for all the hours of endless research I do on Ghana on a near daily basis.  A goal for all my hard work haha.

So now here I am...I just booked my flight back to Ghana.  I'm working diligently to find organizations to partner up with, research educational programs and find out the best way for hundreds of university students to help the Ghanaian people every year.  In the meantime I work here and try to figure out the best way to quit my job by next summer and be able to survive so I can do this full time haha.  A girl can dream right?

I also have my best friend Dan coming in November with four of his friends.  They're building a playground at the school I volunteered at (GEIS) so I'm sooooo excited for my kiddies!  Everyone laughs when I say my kids...they ask if I have them and I say yup! 250 of them!  I think my friends are getting sick of hearing about Ghana.  Africa and travelling are not for everyone.  Unfortunately I live in LA where that proves to be even more true unless it's a trip to Mexico, Vegas or Hawaii.  The thought of no luxuries here scares way too many people.

I'll do my best to document my progress.  I'm hoping to partner up with an organization who may have their hands on the perfect teacher training material...we'll find out this week.  Cross your fingers for me!

SmileyGirl says:
Posted on: Aug 06, 2011
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