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Graffiti Art in Brazil is amazing!!!

During my stay in Salvador I was pleased to learn that the citizens of Brazil are more accepting of graffiti artists and their work.. While out and about in the i would sometimes cross the path an artist working in a public setting during daylight hours without fear of being chased away by the police. I had inquired about the different attitude the public had towards graffiti from the CCS staff and was told that the city often commissions theses talented graffiti artists to create murals through out the city, especially during major festivals. I wish i had photographed more examples of the graffiti art. I actually thought I had taken more photos... I found Brazilian graffiti to be more sophisticated then the majority of graffiti seen in the states.
. I think the level of acceptance of the art form has a HUGE impact in the quality expressed on city walls. In the states we have some very talented unknown graffiti artists who must work during midnight hours and often quicker so that they are not caught... I was also informed that the population didn't care where the artists worked as long as they don't paint/damage apartment buildings in richer neighborhoods. I don't know how truthful that comment was but it again shows the difference in attitude towards street artists and also shows a taste in the general perspective towards the value of one neighborhood over another..

As for Non-Graffiti Art I had some mix feelings, but mostly on the positive side..

There was some beautiful sculptures and tile mosaics placed throughout the city in various neighborhoods both rich and poor.
These wonderfully expressive and often very modern public art pieces were a constant joy for both myself and my inner child. One of my most exciting moments was coming across a sculptural art park (Parque do Pituacu) located somewhere near the pituba area.. (i could be wrong in the location and will make the correction as soon as i learn specific location.. I was on a tour set up by CCS and not paying as much attention to neighborhood). When entering the park we could hear the artist Mario Cravo working in a HUGE studio building surrounded with random scraps and chunks of metal. Mario Cravo is one of the more famous of Salvador Artists. The larger then life abstract water fountain located in the lower city next to the Elevator is one of his more well known and probably most photographed pieces.
I recognized him as the artist of the Salvador water fountain as soon as I saw the sculpture in the park.. I found his to very playful with form. I wish i was brave enough to knock on the door to speak with him...

There were a few venues for non-sculptural art in the city but not nearly as much as I originally thought there was going to be or should have been. My favorite was the Modern Art Museum located near the lower city area past the Bahia Port next to a few swank restaurants. The Building that houses the museum's modern art collection was originally a 17th century Sugar Mill plantation complete with a private family chapel.. Today it serves as a center of modern art for the community, When I had the pleasure to explore the galleries there was a wonderful exhibit if photography focusing on local spiritual practices and the connection to the past; and an avant-garde installation set up by youthful college artists.
Sadly the sculpture garden was closed for renovations and the museum store was kinda lacking.. :(:(

Along with interesting art exhibits the Modern Art Museum (MAM) also hosts a cheap outdoor Jazz concert every Saturday night!! so worth going to!!!

Other museums to check out would be the Rodin Museum. There were four Rodin sculptures outside in the garden and two buildings dedicated to a more contemporary exhibit... the main house is beautiful and i must admit that it was difficult to pay attention to the art when all I wanted to do was look at the divine interior details..

another museum to check out is the Bahia art museum. It wasn't my favorite. It was an older style of art and I found most of the work to be dull and lifeless. but there were a few interesting pieces and alot of home decor pieces on display.

lastly there are a few galleries spread through out the city. But they are not always easy to spot. one to check out was a gallery dedicated to a french photographer who fell in love with Brazil. its located near the Broken Cross in Pelourihno Sq.
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