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Is that a Mile or a Kilometer?

The young English trauck driver had missed me as he left the ferry on his way to Athens so I was going to get a bus to Mycenae as I had originally planned to do before I met the drivers on the boat.  There was no bus from Patrai for a while so I thought it would be a good time to grab a bite to eat.
  I found a restaurant and enjoyed the most tasty dish of Calamari I'd ever had.  If this was going to be the standard of Greek food I was going to be one delighted Kiwi.

The bus was slow.  I didn't mind at all as I had a good view of the countryside as we slid past.  It was comfortable and as I'd had very little sleep I was happy to stare out the window in a bit of a dream.

Lion's Gate
  I was thankful it wasn't anything like the horror bus of Morocco all those months ago!

When we were dropped in Mycenae I discovered the archeological site I was wanting to see (the ruins of the Royal Palace) was quite some distance up a side road.  I was up to the challenge and decided on "Shank's Pony".  It was a beautiful day, not too hot, thanks to a nice cloud cover.

It wasn't a tough walk as the area was relatively flat and I was used to the weight of my pack.

As I approached the entrance to the site I was overtaken by a bus which proceeded to spill it's passengers out onto the road in front of me, where they assembled and were led by guides into the Palace through the "Lion's Gate".

There wasn't much of the place left after all the passing of time and, I guess, the battles won and lost, but I had a good look around and read about where I was from my book.
Royal palace ruins

One of the more substantial structures that remained was the burial chamber.  It was shaped like a domed bee hive and had been protected by the fact it was more or less underground.
I approached the opening, which was a single doorway into a dark, cave-like room.  As I got closer I realized it was not just the shape that resembled a bee hive, flying out of the chamber toward me were 1/2 a dozen of the busy little things.
  I thought twice about going in -didn't want to upset the resident Queen, after all, this was the Royal Palace.
I peered in to see the domed roof as best I could and beat a hasty retreat back to the rows of broken walls.

After I'd seen all the area had to offer I thought it time I cut out of there.  Several people were making there way back out through the Lion Gate to the roadway and were hanging about, I guess for a bus.
Pot shop near the bus stop
  I had about me a great sense of purpose as I strode past, pack on back, heading back out to the main road.
  A couple of minutes later the bus trundled past, and then returned loaded with it's cargo of tourists.  I was thankful for the seal on the road as there was no cloud of dust to cover me as it went by.

At the main road I found a bus stop with a bench seat and little else.  There wasn't any information as to when a bus might come by but this was where I had been dropped off so I figured there had to be more than one each day and as it was only mid-day I thought it unlikely I'd still be sitting there in the dark.

After a few minutes a woman approached and sat beside me.  Two people waiting at a bus stop is much more promising and I figured we wouldn't have too long to wait.

As we sat we started chatting.  The woman was an archeology student from Oxford in England.  She was over here in Greece to do some research and was heading to Athens from here.  Her name was Christine and we sat together on the bus where we talked and talked about travels, the sites we've seen and what future plans we had to see the world.

When the bus arrived at Nafplion we were so deep in conversation the driver had to shout at me to let me know it was my stop.  Christine and I hurridly exchanged contact details and I spilled out into the sun. 
  I expected I might catch her in Athens in a couple of days.  She would make a perfect companion as I explored the city as she was knowledgeable enough to fill me in on the history of the archeological sites.

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Is that a Mile or a Kilometer?
Is that a Mile or a Kilometer?
Lions Gate
Lion's Gate
Royal palace ruins
Royal palace ruins
Pot shop near the bus stop
Pot shop near the bus stop
photo by: lauro