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Outside our Hostel

After Amsterdam I was heading in the same direction as Amanda and peter so we decided we'd stick together for company. 

We arrived into the Dusseldorf station in late afternoon and made for the Youth Hostel to find a bed.  Peter and I were placed in the same dorm and Amanda to a dorm with other girls. 

There was a very odd American in the dorm with us.  I've had a lot of experience with odd, so I know that this guy was very odd

  His name was Roger and when we arrived in the room we heard him talking to no-one in particular (because no-one was in there but him) about how he had lost his back pack on his travels and he needed to find a fork so he could eat.

When Peter and I came in he started talking about having been shown to this room but we could not lock the door because he wouldn't be able to get in as he didn't have a key.

Amanda in silhouette

There was something wild about his eyes and his unruly hair.  I'm not one to judge people at all and in my job it's typical that people like this are often in need of our help.
I quickly tagged Roger with the name "Roger Tragic". 

Nothing seemed to be very easy in his travels.  As he returned to seeking comfort from unseen room mates, Pete and I left him to it, going off in search of Amanda.

We met up after getting settled and decided to head out in search of food and entertainment for the night.  We found an upstairs bar that served food and as we enjoyed a few beers and some burgers a fantastic band played heavy rock in the corner beside us. 
  The place wasn't big so the loud music had to be enjoyed or you couldn't stay in the room.

I don't know who they were but suddenly I recognised the opening bars of "Black Betty" and I wondered if this was in fact Ram Jam singing an original.
Wo-oh Black Betty. Bam-a-lam!!

I screamed along with them about how Black Betty had a child, bam-a-lam, the damn thing went wild, bam-a-lam....

Pete was impressed that I actually knew such an odd song being played in some tiny upstairs bar by a loud, supposedly German rock band.  I was astounded that he should have reached the age he was and didn't know Black Betty! 


At the end of the night we were well satisfied and returned to the hostel to find Roger Tragic curled up outside the door in his underwear.  Apparently he'd lost his towel in the shower and then couldn't get through the closed door.

"I go to bed at 4" he said.
We hadn't asked.

I'd like to say we slept well but I think Roger was up and down opening and closing the window too often for that to be the case!

Next morning we met for breakfast.
Bit of a stand off
  I had chatted to Roger Tragic the night before (during one of his more lucid moments) and he now joined my at our table for our bread and muesli.

As we sat at breakfast Roger showed an interest in New Zealand that went something like this...

"I don't know anything about NZ.  How many people are there in NZ?"
"Just over 3 million people" I answered.
"NZ is a land of sheep!  Do they have large gatherings?"
"Do you mean do we have large gatherings of sheep?" I asked.
"No" he said.  "Large gatherings."

Before I could say anything further he said, "I notice you're slender, you must eat very moderately."
He then came in, "Do you know about Scientology?"
"I'm not much of a scholar" I said.
Just then Pete suggested we should get going. 

Once we were outside Pete relayed a story about his interaction with Scientology.  It wasn't very pleasant a story and I thought of Roger Tragic turning up in NZ as the first Scientology emissary.

I didn't think Roger would be welcome at any large gatherings of Kiwis, even if we held such things regularly.

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Outside our Hostel
Outside our Hostel
Amanda in silhouette
Amanda in silhouette
Wo-oh Black Betty.  Bam-a-lam!!
Wo-oh Black Betty. Bam-a-lam!!
Bit of a stand off
Bit of a stand off
Funky Dusseldorf bike!
Funky Dusseldorf bike!
photo by: Chokk