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One and only Shot! Note to self: LOAD CAMERA PROPERLY!!

I wandered from the magnificent Florence hostel after breakfast, and after exploring the grounds, and jumped a bus into the city center.  It was still very cold and grey but I wandered around snapping a couple of the breathtaking sites.
  Once I'd satisfied myself it wasn't going to warm up any I broke out my Eurorail ticket and shot across to Pisa.

It was a great idea, as in the train I was able to warm up nicely, and then when I arrived at Pisa, the sun had come out and the whole day was much more pleasant.  I checked my map and headed off in search of the famous leaning tower, just enjoying the walk in the sunshine.

When I arrived at the attraction I was surprised at how something that tilted could remain upright.  I guess the officials were too, as there was an extensive area roped off, to keep everyone out of the "fall zone" should gravity get the upper hand.
  The tower was actually smaller than I had imagined but I was impressed (without a doubt) and as I wandered about the grassy park I snapped photo after photo and smiled at all the people picnicing on the grass with their families.

I enjoyed some lunch and then thought I head down to Rome.

Now you're probably wondering where all the snaps are, right?  Yeah, me too!  I can't believe that, as someone who previously worked in the photographic industry, I made a fundamental mistake of poorly loading my roll of film. 
  The camera didn't take it up and it wasn't until I was in Rome, that I recognised the sound wasn't quite right winding on the spool and discovered (to my horror of course) that I was going to have to rely on memory alone for all I'd seen.

Well, not entirely, fortunately I had two cameras.  At the time I was running B&W through my snapshot, so at least I had something to review of Florence, Pisa, and Rome.
  How many times had I explained to people the importance of loading when they had brought in blank films after making exactly the same basic mistake???  Oh dear!!!!

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One and only Shot!
Note to self: …
One and only Shot! Note to self:…
photo by: asturjimmy