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Night out in New Castle West

Once things were smoothed over with Paula's Pa we settled down for another huge home-cooked meal with the family. 

Paula's brothers were planning to meet some friends at the local pub.  Paula and I were going along there too so I was looking forward to what sounded like it was going to be a great night.  They'd been telling me about the quality band that was to play there. 
    All four of the kids were musical as playing an instrument was just seen as a normal thing in this family.  I had heard Paula sing at Interlaken so I knew she had a great voice.  If these guys were saying the band was going to be good then I was more than happy that they knew what they were talking about.

We got there later than I had expected (or perhaps I was still confused about the days getting dark early) but the place was plenty large enough to fit us in even though the fun was already well under way.  The band sounded great (as promised)  and we had an easy path to the long bar. 
    Paula got the first round of Guinness' in and I was intrigued by the bar staff's system.  I'd just spent the past 6 months as Asst. Manager in a Bristolian pub that served Guinness so I thought I knew a bit about it.  I have to admit that the smooth flavour of the pints that night was unmatched by any pint of Guinness I'd had before, or since, and I wondered if the idea that it didn't travel well was here and now proven.

Anyway, as we neared the bottom of our first glass Paula told me to give the barman the nod for another two.  It took about 4 minutes for a pint to be poured.  I was impressed by the barman's memory, in relation to our round, and recalling the correct order of all those he was lining up in front of him.  I felt pangs of sadness that he had not been on my staff, certainly would have made my job much easier!

So there we were, Paula and I, with her two brothers and their friends; drinking, dancing, chatting, drinking, and generally having a great night but after a large meal and several pints of Guinness (which in my opinion is a meal in a glass), Chad was feeling like a bit of a lightweight.  When Paula asked if I was up for another I told her I had no room left and just had to switch to larger.

We had another couple of drinks there before Paula suggested we go somewhere else.   We walked to a small pub nearby where I got us another round of Guinness'. 
    It was a cosy place with a great fire blazing and some comfortable seats.  We slouched down into them and chatted with a few of the people in there until closing when we were tossed back into the cold to stumble home.
    All in all it was a bloody great night!

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Night out in New Castle West
Night out in New Castle West
Newcastle West
photo by: goezi