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Work and my workmates -good to see them again

We stopped for 4 hours in Hawaii.  I looked for a shower, where I might have a refreshing rinse off, and give my leather clad feet a chance to breathe.  No such luck!

In the air again.  My feet were now the all-consuming thing on my mind.  They made for a very uncomfortable flight!!

We touched down at Auckland about 6.30am on Saturday morning.  My Mother was waiting and almost didn't recognize me with my hairy face.

Driving back in the morning sun I forgot my feet and boots.  I was overwhelmed by the green, green grass of rural NZ. 
  After 12 months in Europe it seemed I'd never seen anything as lush as these Waikato pastures.  The past few months had been Europe's winter and everything was grey and rocky.

About to look for the other "green green grass of home"

I lay back in the passenger's seat of the car and just enjoyed the summer morning drive.

When we got home I took my boots off.  My feet had been enclosed in all that leather for 36 hours and done a little running too.  They were well on their way to composting.
  I put my boots outside the door.  Even with the door closed I was aware of their presence, so I moved them half way down the driveway.

It was good to be home.  Shower, bit of a chat with the folks, sleep!

A week later I was back into the Tokoroa Police Station, and back into work like I'd never been away. 
  A year had passed but everyone and everything seemed the same.  Sadly the criminal behaviour hadn't changed either and we were back to the routine things like drug operations and pub fights.

The tenants that had rented my house moved out and I moved back in.  I got all my boxes of stored "stuff" from my folks house and mixed it with my new treasures from my year away.

In the end I learned plenty from that year but one lesson that still holds true, sadly, is that no matter how much you grow from something, others are likely to be unaffected. 
I found it very very difficult to settle back into Tokoroa after that.
Within 3 years of my return I was off again, but that's another tale...

goezi says:
Neither can I! Where do the years go!!?
Posted on: Sep 25, 2008
Marius1981 says:
greats blog!
cant believe it was back in 93
Posted on: Sep 25, 2008
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Work and my workmates -good to see…
Work and my workmates -good to se…
About to look for the other green…
About to look for the other "gree…
Ahh, home!
Ahh, home!
All that changed in 12 months was …
All that changed in 12 months was…
photo by: goezi