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And so my road finally lead here too, well, my train anyway!

I got in at the end of the day from Pisa, located my hostel and kicked about the area drinking coffee and watching the world go by until dinner time and the end of the day.

Next morning I set out keen and eager to find out what it was about the Romans that had seen them get about and do the conquering they did all those years ago.

My first stop was the Vatican City.  I'm not religious but this is far to an important place to ignore, and I'm definitely an art lover so I had to get in and check out all those fabulous works.
  All of what I saw there was worth the visit.  The crowds were large, even at the early hour I was there, and the flood of all that colour and drama on the canvases or woven in the tapestries were a site to behold.


I couldn't hope to remember half of what I saw so I decided to purchase a booklet detailing it all.  As I was heading out of the city I found a stall selling silk ties with prints of David on them.  I decided the second I saw it that this was the perfect gift for my brother.  Nothing says style than a tie baring a naked man, right?

As I mentioned previously I still didn't realize my camera wasn't capturing all the great sites of this city, so after the Vatican, as I was out circling the greater Roman area I was snapping away in total ignorance until the end of the day and now 15 years after my exploration I struggle to recall everything I saw that day.

Fortunately my trustee snapshot camera was being used for the drama of B7W and I caught a couple of shots of the Colosseum.

One thing I do have, as tokens of my experiences, are the beautiful tickets one has to purchase to visit the sites.  The Italians certainly know about making something functional into a feast of beauty!

I took my time enjoying Rome.  I hadn't met anyone to ravel with so I was a little disappointed I couldn't share the thrill of all that history but from here I was making my way down to Bari where I would head across to Greece.  I had one day left on my Eurorail -time had run out for the trains but there would be plenty more history to be had.

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photo by: vulindlela