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Jon, Melinda, Scott, Traci, Elena and Kenneth at Polvo's Bar

Kenneth (Reephboy) had contacted me recently to say he was going to try to set up a meeting for active Austin TravBuddies to have dinner and get acquainted.  The only Austin TBers I know are some that I had recruited when trying to get my Ambassador Award, so I was anxious to meet some new local travelers.  Also, I had just come back from my first TB Meet Up in Kansas City the weekend before, and have been thinking of trying to put together one in Austin -- so meeting some other local folks who might want to help host sounded great.

Kenneth set the meeting at a South Austin Mexican restaurant, Polvo's.  It's a locally owned and operated restaurant serving authentic Mexican food and powerful margaritas.

Traci, Mike, Elena and Melinda on Polvo's patio
  Sounded like a great choice to me.  We all met up at the bar, as they would not let us have reservations since we did not know how many might eventually turn up.   We ended up with 9 in attendance, not bad for a first attempt I thought.

I talked my friend Scott (smurphyaus) into joining me and we met up at the bar and had just got our margaritas when we heard other folks mentioning those magic words -- are here for the Travel Buddy meet up?  Waiting there to get a table while we enjoyed our adult beverages provided a good way for us to break the ice and meet the others.  Others who attended were Traci (TXWildflower), Huy (hdao), Travelgrrl (Melinda), Jon (JSuk), Elena (iseefishes) and Mike (sorry, I did not learn his handle). 

After my second margarita, we finally were seated on the patio outside.

The rest of the group -- Jon, Kenneth, me, Scott and Huy
  It was a very hot night in Austin, but that was somewhat alleviated when one of the TBers ordered a pitcher of icy margaritas to help keep us cool.  We did get some obligatory meet up photos -- but not nearly like the KC Meet Up -- in fact, we only had two cameras.  Two of the ladies I meet at the KC meet up, Erin (poohstanggt) and Melanie (mellemel), would be chastising us for that had they been in attendance!

We had a nice dinner of Tex Mex food and a fairly wide ranging conversation about weird foods we had eaten overseas, Kenneth's experiences with betel nut chewing, and Mike and Elena's upcoming trip to Malayasia and Cambodia.  Looks like I may be leading a trip for Traci and Melinda to New Zealand!  Huy also filled us in on his Austin meeting with another one of the ladies I had met in KC -- Yadi (yadillita) from Peru, when she was in Austin last.  I had to send a message to Yadi telling her that she was infamous in Austin now as well as KC!

I'm looking forward to more Austin adventures.  We talked about doing an international pot luck dinner, which would be great fun.  Or maybe even a tubing trip down the Guadalupe or Comal rivers?  Anyone?  Bueller?

Thanks again Kenneth for bringing us all together.  Great idea!

glennisnz says:
I am sort of trying to have a mini meetup in NZ, its not all that easy really, but it will be worth it if any turn up! Actually there will be 4 so I am underway. Not many tourists or travellors in NZ during winter. They do sound so much fun, all like minded folk together.
Posted on: Jul 26, 2008
TYoungTX says:
Hey Michael -- this isn't even a .00001% of what you're missing here . . . We'll let you know when we do a real meet up! ;-)
Posted on: Jul 07, 2008
travelman727 says:
Great blog and pics! Count me in for Austin when the hot weather breaks :-D
Posted on: Jul 07, 2008
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Jon, Melinda, Scott, Traci, Elena …
Jon, Melinda, Scott, Traci, Elena…
Traci, Mike, Elena and Melinda on …
Traci, Mike, Elena and Melinda on…
The rest of the group -- Jon, Kenn…
The rest of the group -- Jon, Ken…
After the meal shot -- everyone lo…
After the meal shot -- everyone l…
The group, minus Huy taking the ph…
The group, minus Huy taking the p…
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