First morning of the tour and Lunch in St. Andrews

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I got up early, showered and headed into Edinburgh town to get a freshly made roll for breakfast. At 8.30am I throw all my stuff back in my rucksack and headed across the road to the high street hostel where the tour departed from. There were loads of people as two busses were departing for the 3-day Skye tour and our tour which was the 5-day 'get as much in of Scotland as possible' tour. It wasn't actually called that, because that would just be silly.

Once on the tour mini bus we meat Gordon, our tour leader and driver. He was about 27, Scottish and well, like all true Scots, wearing a kilt, which by this point I had elevated him to legendary status in my own mind.

We set off on the tour at about 9.

00am and went to the Castle Rock hostel round the corner to pick up some more people. So some dude in a kilt from bonny* Scotland was going to drive me and 28 other peoples around most of Scotland in 5 days. He told us that the weather was good at asked if we were all happy. At this point we had to learn some Gaelic is that 'aye' meant 'yes'. So with that we all chorused back 'ayyeeee'!!

Our first stop was at some church about an hours drive north of Edinburgh. I can't remember the significance of the church, but it was pretty so we got out, took some photos and stopped for a cup of tea.

We then travelled onto St. Andrews for lunch. This was a welcome stop as we all were hungry and wanting some food, oh and to have a look around St. Andrews, the home of 'pitch and putt'. In fact it is such a good area for pitch and putt, that some guy called Tiger Woods has played pitch and putt there. Nice little town, right on the west coast. After grabbing some food from a local supermarket, I headed down to the beach and chilled as I knew there was a lot of driving ahead to get us to Pitlochry our stop over after Day 1.

*= Beautiful

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