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My first breakfast in Japan - and of course it HAD to be sushi. Amaizingly cheap and delicious! ...I know..baka gaijin ne? :P

This is it!! Its my first real morning in Japan. Although my plane has arrived yesterday at 11am, it doesnt count as mornig here because I was still at my european time inside of me :) My aeroplane to Japan was painted with Mummins cartoon characters!!!! It was sooo cute! and everybody started making pictures before they got on board (including me of course)

When I landed, my friend Agata (more people here know her as Agi-god knows why ;P) picked me up from the airport and delivered to the hotel. We stay at the same flore and have doors right next to each other. This is private room so its rather dull but because since this are my first days in Japan I think this is a good way to get to know the differences of strange country on my own. But not for long luckly. On 1st August I am moving to another hotel but this time in the very center of Osaka (i guess). This area is not that preatty and has many homeless people on the streat. But since I know that something better is ahead of me I don't realy care and wait for this moment to move out.

Yesterday we went with Agata to karaoke. It was fun but I guess it could be so much funnier with a whole bigger bunch of people! Any volountaries??? :) Is anyone here in Osaka at this time too????

I will add few photos soon (and Agi will kill me for some of them).

People in Osaka gimme some sign!! :) yoroshiku ne

momiji says:
hey aga! welcome to japan :) hope to see you soon!!
enjoy your stay in japan!!
Posted on: Jul 30, 2008
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My first breakfast in Japan - and …
My first breakfast in Japan - and…
my first breakfast in Japan ^^
my first breakfast in Japan ^^
karaoke with Agi
karaoke with Agi
karaoke - new pop star - ME ^^
karaoke - new pop star - ME ^^
photo by: yasuyo