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Let me just start off by saying that I have never traveled by myself before, so I was nervous as hell before my trip even started. I was really wishing that I was traveling with somebody that spoke fluent spanish. Now that the trip is over I realize how stupid I was for being so nervous. I did make alot of common mistakes first time travelers seem to make, however I am glad cause I learned so much from them. Anyways...I fly directly into Cartagena from Fort Lauderdale. I really know very little about the city and my main motivation for going to Cartagena is the amazing budget airline that flies direct for less than 200 US roundtrip. So I arrive into cartagena and the only way to describe it is a unexpected treat. The city was absolutely beautiful. Once I arrive at the airport I call a taxi and tell him to take me to my hostel. This was the first of many times I got ripped off for an extra 3000 pesos. I arrive at my hostel and give a big sigh of relief that I arrived safely. Yea I know I am stupid for being so nervous. The hostel (casa vienna) was nice, the people were very helpful, and I felt right at home. The first day I did not know what to do so I just walked around and explored the city for a couple of hours. The Architecture was incredible. Everything was just so much different than what I was used too and I loved it. When I got back from walking around the hostel I met some travelers and we call went out the eat and had a couple aguilas. The next day I went on a tour to a mud volcano. This might of been one of the coolest things I have ever done. A tour agency took us to a volcano full of mud which we went swimming in. The mud was so thick that it was impossible to sink. I actually told somebody to purposely try to push me under and it was impossible. WE all played in the mud for about 30 minutes and then we all went to a lagoon to wash off. There were some local women who offered to wash you off for 2000 pesos so I figured why not. During the middle of my washing the woman told me to take off my pants. I was shocked thinking that she was trying to offer me sexual favors and I immediately declined. Then I realized that she just wanted to wash off my bathing suit and everybody else was doing it so I accepted. On the way back from the valcano we stopped at a local fishing village on the beach for lunch which was a very special treat. I had a deep fried whole fish and a manzana soda which was absolutly delicous. My last night in Cartagena me and a buddy I met decided to go on the local party bus (chiva). For 30000 (18 US) pesos you got all you can drink aguardiente and a live band played music while you drove around the city for four hours. Me and my friend were the first people to get on the bus and the band was allready completely hammmmmered and forced us to take a shot right away. Right away I knew this was going to be worth every single penny. We were kinda dissapointed  however cause everybody that the bus picked up were old couples. Then the last group we picked up were four girls from medellin. If you know anything about the women from medellin then I do not need to describe what the girls looked like. Lucky for me and my buddy.... the only seats left on the bus were right next to me and him. Right away we became friends and one of the girls was just absolutely gorgeous. Somehow with my spanish and her english we managed to hit it off right away. For some reason my Spanish seemed to improve when I drank alcohol. At the end of the bus ride they dropped us off at the local club and we danced for the rest of the night. Haha for some reason my dancing seem to improve when I drank acohol as well. I was dancing and kissing with this girl the entire night. However, I got so drunk that I did not bother to get her contact information. I woke up the next day (really hungover) and called myself the biggest F!@#$$ idiot for being a drunk asshole and screwing it up. Then when I realized that I still have two more months left on this amazing trip then I got over it. So still hungover as hell me and my buddy head to the airport and make our way to BOGOTA!!! This is just the first entry of a very long blog. There is much more to come.

geerbox says:
Sounds like a good start to a great trip!
Posted on: Sep 04, 2008
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