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Ok so im still here in San Jose! I knew that we ould be here than just two days! But never mind! Its been a wierd couple of days here! Yesterday was actually sunny here all day! I actually woke up to sun in San Jose! Which is very supprising, waking up to loads of people sitting round the pool trying to catch a tan! Was actually quite funny! I was a bit bored of all the sun so we decided to go for a walk in town! And again we bumped in to a old friend we met in Manuel Antonio, he is just everywhere! But im glad as he is a real nice guy, i just love making new friends while travelling! you meet so many people!
We have been to the cinema today trying to catch a film, but for some reason it was not open i am thinking that it is something to do with the Elections as at the minute they are not selling alcohol here in san jose! Well they are at our hostel but anywhere else they are not! Wierd huh?
Hmm last night we ran into a bit of trouble, i mean me and my friend are walking down the street and we hear *hey do you guys speak English* and i automatically remember this voice, we ran into this guy about 5 weeks ago! And he asked us the exact same question! So im guessing this guy is up to no good! He was very much all over the place! His eyes buzzing and he looked very well... drugged up! to put it bluntly! But me and my friend just hurried on, even though i stupidly answered the guy saying *no sorry* so he obviously knows i speak English! Oh well we made it away safe! Thank god! I think that is the one main thing that i dislike about Costa Rica there are many beggers about and as soon as they see us they come racing over! Which makes me feel very uneasy and unsafe! But i guess you do get this everywhere! Its just the fact that me and my friend are two women travellers so makes it a bit on the unsafe side!
I even had a bit more of bad luck today i got scratched by the cat that lives at the hostel which has strangly enough left me in some pain, im not too sure why as its only a scratch!
Wednesday is definatly the day we are leaving for a place called Cahuita! im really looking forward to this! It looks such a nice place and the people there even speak english so this means that i can relax on my Spanish for a while ..... hopefully!

spursbackpacker says:
Ugh that guy who asks if you speak english is a proper strange guy, and one to watch out for.
Posted on: Feb 03, 2007
Higton says:
Cahuita rocks. Cabinas Jenny is really nice, although relatively expensive - get an upstairs room. The one next door (Spencer Seaside Lodging) is also groovy upstairs, and cheaper.
Posted on: Dec 05, 2006
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San Jose
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