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Since we booked at the ryan air site, we thought one bag would be enough. We should hav know bettr, that I would bring more, haha. We had anothr bag, but did not notify it, so we had to pay 20 euro. We will hav to do this, every time we check in at the air port. We arrivd around 8 am to 'venice', smokng a cigart is the frst thing we did and then searchng for the bus we had to take to the hotel. Our hotel was not in 'venice' it selv, but in 'Mestre', close to the city. The bus ride is about one hour from the air port. Then we had to bring the bags for around 20 minuts to the hotel. Since my bag is around 20 k, he carryd mine, haha.

We did not go to the city that day, since we were so tierd and did not sleep the night befor. We decided to see 'Mestre' and go for dinner there.

We were in 'Italy', but the restaurant did not serv any 'italian' food, haha.

We decide to go back to the hotel and see 'the notebook.' I think every, guy should be 'notebookd.' Since it is the movie, I like the mst, we watched it and I cryd again, I don't know why. After a long day, finaly some sleep.


The secnd day, we wak up early to see 'venice' by bus. We arrivd at 'Plaza Roma' and walkd from there through the city to see 'San Marco.' I expectd more from the city, which was a littl all the same. I think it is so beautiful, but it is the same thing every where you go. I could not stay here for more then 2 days. After seeng most of the attractions, we went to sit by the water and got a littl tannd.

You hav to get tannd, when you are on a holiday, I think.

We decided to walk and see things, where there are not so many tourist, and I liked that much more. We ate a big pizza for around 2,5 euro. We went to a museam of a musician and then walkd around the city a littl more. It is bettr not to eat in the city, since it is so expensiv, we got back to the hotel and bought things to make dinner.


We wak up early, again and I'm startng to feel that I'm so tierd. We were packng our things, and the guy from the hotel calls and say 'you hav to check out at 11 am, check out now' and then he closd the, line. Haha, I was shockd, becaus he was so rude. The check out time was 11.30, so as you can imagin, Javier went down stairs to ask the guy why he was so rude, to me.

The day we checkd in to the hotel we had to wait for around 2 hours, befor we could get in to our room. The guy stard laughng, sayng it was not his problm and that we should be on time, while we were on time. Haha, I do think it is true, that italian peopl hav anothr, way of speakng and sayng things. When they talk they sound so mad and some times can be see as so rude.

The final day in the city, we took the train and went to a diffrent place. We took the boat to go around for free, haha. We did this a lot, in 'antwerp' we did not pay for our fries, here we did not pay for the bus or for the boat.  We got back to get our suit cases and left for the bus to take us to the air port. There we had to take the plain to 'Frankfurt.'

Petra2111 says:
Great pictures Sylvie!!
Posted on: Feb 25, 2009
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