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Ok, I finaly found a place where I could upload picturs here in ´lisbon.´ Yesterday we spend the night in the airport of ´frankfurt´, which was probably one of the wrst nights I hav ever had. We enterd the airport and this german immigrationservice woman comes to Javier and ask him all these questions and ask him to come with her. While the plane was full, he was the only one to be taken of there. I waited out side for about 10 minutes and this german guy comes up to me with this straight face, like feelng higher, and asked me ´was machen sie hier.´I could hav knockd his,brains out. Was machen ich hier? I´m waitng for you f uckrs to realis him, that is what I´m waitng for, blh.

Ok, then we went to search for a place to eat and a place to sleep a little. We arrived at 12 am and should hav the next plane around 6.30 am, which is 4.5 hours befor the check in. The little sleep we hav is pilng up and is gettng a long with frustratons. We did find a place to sleep, on the floor, where I wak up after 30 minuts to find that I´m freezng to, death on this floor and that there are flies, every where. After going out side for a smoke, which was the only thing to do there and walkng around with my too havy bag. Then we froz our selves to death out side, but smoks can make every one day, haha. We did not even take a pictur of the airport, since we do not want to remember this night, it nevr happnd. Oh, and you hav not heard about our day in ´porto´today yet. Will tell the, rest later, becaus want to upload picturs, but is taking too much time. The germans are a rare thing, I should say.

lauro says:
WAS MACHEN SIE HIER?! hahahahaha
Posted on: Jul 20, 2008
svenman99 says:
I live like 10 mins away from the airport i could have given u and your boyfriend shelter :-)
Posted on: Jul 14, 2008
Sylvie1 says:
Don't take it too personaly, I nknow peopl from 'Germany', I'm just jokng.
Posted on: Jul 14, 2008
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