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After 'lisbon', we decided to move our selvs to 'porto.' I remember talkng to 'pablo' out side, when we waitd for the train and passng me throug to 'lauro.' I think I spend too much time on the phone, becaus we missd our train. We did not hav a clue it was so late, so we went back to the ticket thing to ask if we can replac them for the next train, which so weird is possibl. We did not hav to pay any thing and we even got our money back. We went of to 3 hour train ride to 'porto', to find our selvs with out a hotel. We did find on the intrnt a hotel, that had a room availbl for one night, in the centr of the city. We got out of the train, took anothr one and found our selvs wonderng at night to search for the hotel. They had a room, which was diffrnt, then the one we saw.

You can't smok here, which made the hotel not so good, haha.

After spendng the night here, we went to see the city a littl. The city is ok, but if you compar it with 'lisbon', it is not so beautiful. We did not like 'porto' so much, the weathr was not so good, the peopl are diffrnt and it is so weird. I felt like I livd, in a diffrnt time. The city is so advancd that it seems as if you can see cars, flyng around. So after spendng a littl time here, we decidd to go back to the hotel and spend some time there. At night, we went out and this guy was in the elvator with us and it say that you could hav 300 in there. The elvator would not leav, becaus we weight too much, haha. Oh, I felt so sad, for him. I tryd to talk with him a littl, don't know why, but I felt so bad. When we got out side, it was rainng so hard that we had to shelter at Donald his place, haha. I like the food, but would hav liked it more if the weathr was bettr.

The next day, we did some explorng of a diffrnt side of the city and went out to buy some things. We calld 'pablo' to say that we were comng to 'cedeira' and that we would take the bus to 'santiago de compostela.'

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photo by: alexandra_h