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We came from 'porto' by bus to 'santiago de compostela.' At least that was the plan. We calld 'Pablo' to say that we would take the bus around 3 pm and he suggestd to pick us up in 'santiago de compostela' to see 'cedeira.' So we are at the place where we should take the bus and they say the bus do not leav until 6 pm and arrivs around 10.30 pm. I send a messag to 'Pablo', but did not get answer to find out that I can't send him messags. He already left and was on his way to 'santiago de compostela' when I calld him. I felt so bad, so I told him to go back to 'cedeira', becaus I did not wantd him to wait for hours. This was so sad, becaus I realy wantd to see 'cedeira' and defintly meet the guy who calls me 'rubia' the whol time.

So we went to sit by the river and waitd for hours to take the bus, since there 'Porto' was not so good for us.

We finaly took the bus around 6 pm and I think around 9 pm, we arrivd in 'pontevedra.' We were suppos to get to 'sanxexo' and I remembr that 'pontevedra' was so close. Since we were not going to 'santiago de compostela', we decided to get of in 'pontevedra', because we would be closr to 'sanxexo.' It was late and we found a hotel, but there was no room. They suggestd a hotel in 'Poio', which is 10 minuts from 'pontevedra' and closr to 'sanxexo.' It is a cheap hotel, where there are not so many tourists. There is not much to do in this city, but we thought it would be so good for one night.

The next day, we were expectng to go to 'sanxexo', but did not hear, from the person who livs there. We stayd in and went to visit the city a littl. Not so much to see and you hav to go quite far to find a place where you can buy cigarts. There is realy nothng to do here.

The day we were suppos to go to 'sanxexo', we still did not hear, any thing. We decidd to stay one more night, sinc we normaly had to check out. We find out that the hotel has a place where you can swim, haha. After walkng so much, we got our selvs a so lazie, day where we could get tannd.

The next day, we did not hear from the person who livs in 'sanxexo.' Haha, we were going so mad in this town. So we decided to stay anothr day at the hotel and get tannd, anothr so lazie day.

One night, turnd in to 4 nights.






There is a pleasure in the patless woods,

There is a rapture on the shores,

There is society, where non intrudes,

By the deep sea and music in its roar,

I lov, not man the less, but nature more.

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