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I lov ´lisboa.´ Ok, since we did not spend the day befor in 'Frankfurt', that did not happn, we took a plane from 'venic' to 'porto.' We arrivd at 'Porto' and had to wait so long for our luggag to come. We got out side and found out we had to take a train for 3 hours to 'lisbon.' Haha, which was so terribl. We tried to sleep, that did not come through, then we got annoyd, becaus we wantd to smok, every time the train stoppd, but that was for only 2 minuts, so that was not possibl and then we found out the ride was not 3 hours, but 4,5 hours. I thought I was going so mad. I rarely get so mad, but I think I brok the chair in front of me. After spending this so terribl night in 'Frankfurt', that did not happn and then the train ride, I was so happy to arriv in 'lisbon.

' Oh, then we found out we had to take 2 trams befor we would arriv at the hotel. Ok, we can handl that. Apparently not, I got stuck between the doors of the sub way, haha. I fell al most to the ground, and Javier stood there laughng, which made me laugh so hard too, but could not concentrat to get out of the doors that way. The thing is that they we had a problm with the tickets, becaus one of them was invalid. It was ok, when we took the tram, becaus some one let us in, but we could not get out, so had to run after when Javier put his card there. We were with the suit cases, so I got stuck between the doors. This is one of the things that I'm so scard of, I hav it with every door that closes by it selv, that I woul get in between.

We finaly arrivd at the hotel, which was so beautiful.

It was such a good hotel. We were suppos to stay there for 2 days, but decided we would stay 2 more days in 'lisbon.' This city made up for every thing we had been through for the last 2 days. The hotel was so cheap and it was right in the center place of the city. We stayd in until around 7.30 pm and then went out to see some things. We went to 'lisbon' in the frst place, becaus Javier hav famil y here, that he had nevr see before. The thing was to meet them and they left a note at the hotel, that they would be there that night in the hotel around 7 pm. Since they did not come, we decided to go out. We wantd to check some things on the internet for 'porto' in a café, while suddntly some one enterd and askd for Javier, which was one of the peopl we were suppos to meet. They went in to the hotel and askd for Javier, and they sayd he left with a blond woman, haha. They saw a blond woman, since there are not so many in 'portugal' and followd us.

They were so sweet peopl, who we had dinner with. After dinner, they showd us around with their car in the city, to let us see what we should defintly visit. It was so great.

Will tell the rest later, Javier wak up.

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