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I wak up around 4 am to get ready to take the train to 'charleroi.' I went to airport around 6 am, to pick up Javier. We had been talking for over 6 mnts and was so nervos to see him, but not so nervos as I expectd. I talkd with 'sameer', becaus he has been followng this for months. He is so great, he tryd to make me less nervos, which he did. Then I called 'shom', to calm me down, which he also did, although I did wak him up and he was sleeping. Haha, but it was so good to hear his voic for the frst time. He told me, I could, cal. I told him, if he is certain becaus it is so early.Haha, I felt so bad, he was stil sleepng. When I finaly took the bus, I did some mediation, haha. I was sittng there, positiv thinkng in, negtiv out.

Haha, don't hav a clue what peopl must hav been thinkng.

I arrived at the airport, after 10 minuts with that bus. The airport in 'charleroi' is so bad, becaus you see the airport the whol time, but the bus keep drivng around it. I kept lookng if I could see peopl. When I got out of the bus, Javier was already there waiting, but I had to search for 2 mts out side to find him. This is so bad, when you are nervos and not findng some one, but knowing that the person is there. So I finaly found him, on the othr side of where the bus stoppd. After meetng, we got in side and startng to drink a cofee. If you hav to wake up around 4 am, you hav to get a cofee, haha. When the cofee kickd in and we both wak up, we took the bus to the city and the train to 'brussls.

' After many trams and searchng for the hotel, we both fall a sleep, since we both did not hav any sleep the days before.

I think around 4.30 pm, I had to go to visit famil y, since I did not see them for a long time, I had to go, while Javier stayd in the hotel. There was a concrt, which they always do, when we visit. I stayd there until 7.30 and then I had to come back to 'brussls.' When I got back, we saw a movie, I can't remember which one, which is why I hav to, start writing things down. We decided not to go see the city that night, since 'belgium' is a countrie, where every thing closes so early and there is nothng to do. We were in a place, not so far from the city, but you hav to take a tram to get there. We will explore the city tommorrow.

It was so weird, becaus it was not so weird.

stone31 says:
"It was so weird, because it was not so weird..."
Hahaha!!! I know what you mean! It was the same with Brad and me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted on: Oct 11, 2008
lauro says:
fuck sweetie! 4 am! hahahahhaahaha
Posted on: Jul 20, 2008
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