diving after a chilly night... going back to camp to see some bears

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fallen leaf lake... clear mountain air on the left and the smokey valley on the right
Last night was cold.... brrrrrr! It wasn't too bad until right before the sun came up. I rolled into a little ball in my hammock and watched the sun come up. Everybody else got up around 6:30. We ate loaded up the gear and headed to meeks bay. We got to meeks bay around 8:00 and were in the water by 9:00. The air was a comfortable 70 and the water at the surface was 55. Perfect for me as i dont have a dry suit. We made our first dive to 58ft. There was awesome visablility. I would say it averaged 20ft but was up to 50ft. We were down for 42 min and surfaced for lunch. We made another dive about and hour and half later and then headed home. It was about the same depth and time.

The day use park at meeks bay was very nice. The bathrooms were super clean and the staff is very friendly.
sunset in the woods
It seemed to be a popular dive location and we saw a lot of other divers. It is important to get there early.

We got back to camp and made some dinner. It was getting dark and we had our first bear encounter of the night. Unfortunatly i didn't get any good photos or video. The other campers were amusing me in there reactions to the bear. I have seen many bears in my time and I dont freak out when i see them anymore. lol, i actually was chasing one with my camera trying to get a good shot. As soon as people saw the bear they all started screaming and yelling "run a bear..... RUN!" FYI dont run from a bear. Shortly after a ranger came around telling everyone there were reports of a man with a rifle. Some idiot who probably would try to shoot the bear miss and hit an innocent camper. 

The campground started to relax and then there were two more bears. Again i tried to film but got nothing but hilarious audio of the campers. After all this I was ready for bed. This evening was even colder than the previous so I decided to sleep in the trailer. Which was also a good idea because people continued screaming and yelling throughout the night.
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fallen leaf lake... clear mountain…
fallen leaf lake... clear mountai…
sunset in the woods
sunset in the woods
South Lake Tahoe
photo by: Lynsey_loves_Cali